Clean blinds - If you have windows full of those mini blinds, then you know how easily they attract dirt. If you open your windows in the nice weather for a breeze and leave your blinds down at the same time, you will invite dirt to land on the those blind slats. They tend to attract sticky dirt. So, before you give up and throw yours away, give this a try.

Just the thought of having to clean each slat, is enough to make your cringe, especially if you have those real tiny mini blinds, so you go over it with the feather dusters, and that seems to work at first, but after awhile, the dust just sticks to the blinds like a magnet, and is especially noticeable with the darker shades of blinds. It is amazing what will stick to the blinds, compared to the rest of your house. You do your housework, but tend to leave the blinds, and then after a month or two, yuk!

So, what do you do? You can take a cleaning cotton glove and wipe each slat down, but that just tends to push the dirt to the sides. The best way is to take them down and wash them.

Before you panic and start looking through the yellow pages, you can do this. It mostly depends on the time of year and the weather as to which way you approach this chore.

If the weather is good, and you have access to a hose, then working outside is great. If not, and the weather is not the greatest, then you can do this in your bathtub!

Things You Will Need

What you need:

Bucket of warm soapy water (nothing to harsh, I find dish soap works well)

A floor brush (not a sponge mop, you need something with some bristles)

A hose and good water pressure

A place to hang them to dry

Step 1


To clean blinds outside, you need to carefully take them down. Start with a couple, as you don't want them drying with soap on them, so do two and see how fast you get.

Lay the blinds out on the grass with the blind slats facing downwards, like you would have them if you were "closing the blinds". Take your brush and dunk it in the bucket of soapy water. Then push the brush across the blinds, gently yet firmly. It is best NOT to do a back and forth motion, as this will just move the dirt around. So, push from one side to the next with the floor brush.

Then turn the blinds over, and do the back.

Then turn the blinds open then up, so the slats are facing up, and this wash again. This way you get into all the parts of the blind so nothing is left behind. Especially that little edge where the slats sit on each other.

Now, take your hose, and spray the blinds, with the nozzle at an angle. Don' t have the setting to hard, or you may chip paint off of your blinds, if they are the metal painted ones.

Once you have got the soap off, you need a place to hang your open clean blinds. They need to dry fully, before you take them back in the house. If you have to take them in the house before they are fully dry, just make sure to leave them fully down but with the slats open. If you slide the whole blind up, then the slats have a chance of sticking together if there is any dampness left.

Let them completely dry. Now you have nice clean blinds, to go with those nice clean windows? Maybe you now need to do the windows now!


You can also take your blinds and put them in the bathtub. It is a bit harder to open them out, but you can do it in stages. Using a scrubber brush and some bubble bath, or dish soap in the warm water. Don't leave them to soak, as this will make the string weak on your blinds. Quickly scrub them, on both sides, and then drain the tub, and clean warm water to rinse your blinds.

You then need a place, such as the basement, with a towel underneath to let the blinds dry. Or in the bathroom, with a towel on the floor.

Your blinds are now squeaky clean!

If you need to clean blinds from your kitchen, and you love to cook. Then you could be faced with a greasy surface with sticky dust attached to these slats, depending on the last time you cleaned them. Try to do them each season if you can.

If grease is the issue, then you may need something a bit stronger than soap and water. A good degreaser is ammonia, but if you just can't stand the smell, then you can use a spray degreaser such as fantastic, or spray 409.. Spray them first, then wash them in the warm soapy water, make sure you rinse well.

If there is just no way you have access to water, and a bathtub, then you can clean using a rag with cleaner on it, and open your blinds and clean each slat. Make sure to open and close the slats and get at every nook and cranny. This works also, but depends on how many window blinds you own! This would make a great job for your kids!

If you get into a bit of a schedule, with blind cleaning, then you can stay on top of it. Remember that kitchen ones will need cleaning more often as they will attract grease, dust and dirt, as it is one of the most active rooms in the house. You may be opening and closing them all the time. It is even worse if you open your windows and have a screen that these blinds are in front of. In this case they will attract outside dust and dirt as well, so you want to clean them when you can

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