Vinyl Floors Quick Cleaning

You will make good use of your broom with Vinyl Floors, as you need to sweep regularly to cut down on heavy washing.  When ready to wash/mop, alternate with light mopping using water only. 

If there's  a little grime, simply add mild detergent Simple Easy Vinyl Floor Cleaningto the water, and rinse, if  yellowing then strip the polish and reapply a water-based polish, no-wax cleaning product and rinse well.

Sheet vinyl is very popular for a few reasons as it:

  • can give the look of tiled flooring
  • is easy to install
  • affordable and easy to clean

Other cleaning solution additives with water, are vinegar and baking soda. Vinyl floors can stay new-looking for a long time with regular maintenance plus they are durable and easy to maintain.

Linoleum Floors Quick Cleaning

To get the best out of Linoleum flooring is to use a damp mop, with a little bit of general purpose cleaner,  never use a lot of water on linoleum and stay away from ammonia and other alkalis they will weakened the linoleum and may cause cracking. 

Vacuuming and sweeping keeps this flooring type looking its best. Get rid of shoe scuff marks with a  orange or citrus based cleaner or a sponge with a nylon back, this gentle scrub works well without abrasive scarring.

Many people would rather not wax linoleum floors, for fear of damaging them, but there's a good number of quality wax removers and reapplication products available. 

With most floor types, use coasters and gliders under furniture when moving across floors.

Laminated Floors Quick Cleaning

Take extra care with Laminated Flooring,  (common brand names Pergo and Wilsonart) though they have a top layer coating that protects the pattern layer Dry Mop for Laminated FloorsCredit: http://www.morguefile.comfrom spills and stains,  do not let water sit for long periods and never use abrasive/harsh cleaners.

Already the  surfaces are prone to scratches so use slide gliders when moving furniture around, will help counter nicks--just like  wood floors take precautions.

 Use a damp mop with mild detergent,  warm water and dry buff with soft cloth. More stubborn stains may require using  a small amount of  nail-polish remover with a soft rag, scrubbing lightly.


Floor Mats and Runners to the Rescue

As with most flooring a nice door mat or runner will absorb dirt, hide blemishes and can protect your floors for a long time.

Try not to use mats with rubber backing, because as times passes they could cause discoloring--remember that flooring is one of the most expensive home improvements, so take care.