Garden statues create a special ambiance in a garden that gives the area a certain appeal or atmosphere. They can be classical statues, whimsical or humorous and of various sizes. No matter what kind of statues you have in your garden, they all do have one thing in common – they get dirty. Mildew on statues is one of the common problems that homeowners and gardeners have to contend with and it can often be very hard to remove.

Mildew growing on a statue will mar its appearance. The environment lends itself to this growth as the statues are outdoors in all kinds of weather. The rain makes the statues wet and the wind will blow leaves and other pieces of dirt onto them which will create the proper conditions for mold growth, especially in warm periods.

The statues should be hosed down on a regular basis, but this in itself is not enough to remove any mildew that could exist in small crevices. That action requires more intensive elbow grease. A small bristle brush is the best tool to use for cleaning such statues because it allows you to give the entire surface a good cleaning. Depending on the type of material in the statue, you can use bleach in the washing process to kill the mold spores. When you have finished the scrubbing, rinse the statue with the hose once more and of course, rinse out the brush.

In order to prevent mildew from reoccurring on the statue you should take preventative steps. Salt and lemon juice are two products that work well together to prevent mold and mildew in an outdoor setting. Cover the statue with salt, especially in the areas where you discovered the mildew. Then apply a generous amount of lemon juice to these areas. The lemon juice will seep in through the pores of the statue and root out any mildew that has done that same thing.

The rays of the sun are the best cure for mildew. Therefore, cleaning your garden statues is an activity you should reserve for hot sunny days. This gives the statue time to dry and in so doing gets rid of all the mold spores that you have brought to the surface in your scrubbing and treating.

Inspect the statue once it has dried for any other signs of mildew. Scrape them off with a scraping tool, if possible, and hose down the statue once more. If this occurs in small areas, you can easily dry these spots with a cloth.