Clean Sterling Silver Jewelry

Clean Sterling Silver Jewelry

With the popularity of sterling silver jewelry becoming widespread across the globe, more and more people own a wide variety of this shiny, versatile and inexpensive metal. Sterling silver is harder than gold and rarely gets dents or deep scratches. Most sterling silver jewelry requires cleaning of fingerprints and perspiration only. Sterling silver will tarnish if left in contact with the air and will need polishing to buff and return the luster.

Sterling silver jewelry will last a long time if proper care, cleaning and storage is given.

Take a few steps to keep your sterling silver shining for years to come with these tips:

Silver Cleaning Polishing cloth

A soft silver cleaning polishing cloth is all that is needed for simple daily care of your jewelry and all sterling silver for that matter. Just gently rub the cloth over the jewelry back and forth to remove any fingerprints or perspiration until the silver luster is returned to it's original shine.

Sterling Silver Jewelry Cleaner Solution

Silver Jewelry

A specific silver cleaning solution can be purchased to clean all sterling silver jewelry or other silver if it has become tarnished or worn for long periods of time without daily cleaning. A silver jewelry cleaner solution is a good way to clean your sterling silver that has many crevices or is intricately designed since the liquid will get into all those small areas. A silver polishing cloth simply can't reach into the tiny details of delicate details that many people adore with their silver jewelry. Simply dip the piece of silver jewelry into the cleaner solution and within a few minutes the tarnish will be gone. Rinse the silver jewelry with cool water and place on a cotton towel to remove most water. After a few minutes you can dab the rest of the piece and finish buffing with a silver polishing cloth.

Jewelry Cleaner Paste

Use a thicker, heavier paste when your sterling silver jewelry is larger sized and without too many crevices to clean. To use silver jewelry cleaner paste, apply a small amount of paste onto a soft cotton cloth and gently massage the piece of jewelry to remove any residue or tarnished areas. Use a clean side of the cloth to give it a final shiny polish.

Sterling Silver Jewelry

Storing Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver jewelry will last a long time if stored properly. When air hits it, tarnish will quickly ensue although if worn daily, sterling silver will tend to tarnish much less frequently.

Use a jewelry box with a sterling silver lining that is made to prevent your silver jewelry from tarnishing. This allows easy access to see and use your jewelry at a glance.

Sterling silver jewelry can also be stored in air tight zip lock baggies or a jewelry bag.

Avoid storing your sterling silver jewelry on wood since it may ruin your silver due to some chemicals in wood.

It's fast and easy to clean sterling silver jewelry and doing so will keep it shining for years to come.

Professional Sterling Silver Jewelry Cleaning

Seek the advice of a professional jeweler for very intricate designs that are not able to be cleaned with a silver cleaning product. They will give you their expert opinion on any special care needed.

Marcasite jewelry tips:

  • Always remove your sterling silver jewelry before using any household chemicals that can tarnish or ruin your fine silver.
  • Wear your sterling silver jewelry often and store it properly afterward for the longest wear possible and you should own it for years and be able to pass it on to future generations.
  • Use soap and water for routine daily cleaning of sterling silver jewelry if wearing often.

Following these tips will ensure that your sterling silver lasts long and always looks good since many pieces are of heirloom quality and you'll be able to pass them onto your loved ones for future use and enjoyment!