Cleaning a hot tub might sound intuitive, but there are several steps some miss to ensure your tub is ready to use.  Follow these instructions for a long life for your hot tub, and years of enjoyment for your family.

  • Find the panel (usually underneath the controls and buttons that turn on the jets). Remove the screws and take off the panel.
  • Once you pull off the panel, you will notice quite a few hoses.  Look for a tall hose tied up to the top with a cap or a shut off valve.  Remove the hose and allow the water to drain out.  Optionally, you can attach a garden hose to redirect the water further away from the tub.
  • When you notice no more water draining from the hose,  Check near the filter.  Chances are you’ll notice a couple of inches of water near the filter. Remove that water with a bucket.  Then use a sponge or cloth to wipe down those areas dry.
  • Clean it using a glass cleaner like Windex to remove scale or dirt.

NOTE: Remember to clean the filter!  You can run a hose over it at a high pressure (by using an attachment or hold your thumb over a garden hose).  There is a cleaner you can use that is available at your local pool supply store that you can spray on the filter and let it sit for 2-4 hours.  Alternatively you can make a mixture of filter cleaner and water, and submerge the filter for 2-4 hours.

Now, you’re ready to fill.

  • Put the drain hose back, close the valve, put the panel back on and fill with water.  Tap water should work fine (well- or city-provided).  Fill up the water to the mark written, or ridge (about 3/4 the way up).  DO NOT USE SOFT WATER, bypass your water softener when you fill your tub.

NOTE: Do not run the pump while draining or filling.  If the pump gets cavitation (sucks in air), the pump can burn out.  Turn the pump off at the panel, or at the breaker.  Usually this breaker is nearby (The reason for this is in the case of emergency, the pump can be turned off easily).

  • Once the hot tub is full, turn on the tub, and let the tub begin its normal priming process.  Wait 2 minutes for all air to be gone from the jets, and should just be discharging water.

NOTE: If there is still air after approximately 2 minutes.  Turn the pump off, and restart the priming process.

OPTIONAL: When the tub is full, you can opt to put any necessary chemicals you need to get the hot tub water balanced, or take a sample of the water to your local pool supply store and have it analyzed.  Machines at the supply store will let you now what and how much of all the chemicals you need to balance the tub water.