There is no escaping cleaning. Be it your home, person, clothing, workplace, school, hospital and more, all will become dirty with time. Of course, you can choose to ignore the fact that such items and places need to be cleaned, but for how long?

Kim and Aggie from How Clean Is Your HouseNeeding a clean

The television show, How Clean Is Your House, shows just what can happen if people neglect their cleaning duties. This show has two presenters, who help individuals reclaim their homes, and turn them from a rubbish tip back into a peaceful haven.

Why we need to clean.

Think about the fluids that come out of our body. Sweat, urine and more. Our hands spread so much dirt and so many bacteria. However, even without our contact, airborne dust and grime, such as pollution, can cover anything and everything.

If something needs to be cleaned it may not simply mean that it does not look good. Dirt is made up of bacteria and micro-organisms. Neglecting cleaning duties can lead to the spread of diseases and infections, which can be harmful. Upset stomachs, with associated diarrhoea and vomiting, may occur after contact with objects that are not clean.

Grime can also hinder an item's capabilities. If, for example, a computer is left to become thickly coated in dust, it may not perform as well. The power needed to drive a personal computer, can result is the covering of dust becoming warm and causing a burning smell.

Even the hard drive of a computer needs to be "cleaned". This cleaning process may be a little different but it is still necessary. Cleaning a hard drive should remove bugs and viruses, unnecessary files and make the computer work more efficiently.

Many people suffer from allergies, and the minute dust mites present around our homes and places of work, need to be kept under control. Without regular dusting and vacuuming dust mites will be everywhere, in their millions.

Flithy toilet

Hygiene must always be considered. Cleaning is not simply making something look acceptably clean. It is also about making something thoroughly clean. For exmple, a toilet seat may look clean but be far from it. The seat could still be harbouring a multitude of bacteria, unless it is cleaned properly.

Most people want to look good and so personal hygiene is also important. Cleaning your self and your clothing is vital. It helps create the right impression, on those you may meet. Lack of personal hygiene, be it your person or your clothing, can leave a nasty odour and ruin your social life, if nothing else.

So many cleaning products Environmentally friendly cleaning.

These days we are trying to protect and save the environment. This means that you need to consider the cleaning products that you use. Some are very harmful to the water course and wildlife. Buy "Green" products in order to clean well, but minimise causing the environment further damge.

Spring cleaning.

After the long dark days of winter many people get the urge to Spring Clean their homes. As spring is a time of rejeuvenation, it is a perfect time. Chores which are only undertaken occasionally are worked at in spring.

The cleaner

In the past the role of cleaner was traditionally a woman's role. The female of the species tended to be the home-maker and the male the hunter-gatherer.

However, these days men and women work side by side to make a paid living. As such, this means that more and more men undertake cleaning duties in the home. The clearly defined lines of the role of the cleaner have become merged and it is now any person's task.

Office cleaner In the workplace cleaners were, and often still are, usually female. At one time these female cleaners were called Mrs Mops.

We also have the benefit of equipment that will help us clean. Steam cleaners, vacuums and carpet shampooers are all "cleaners". Yes, we need to operate this equipment, but they have made cleaning an easier chore.


Welcoming clean bed

The smell and look of a freshly cleaned item can be heartlifting. Take for example your bed. Strip the bedding away. Vacuum and turn the mattress. Make the bed with freshly laundered, line dried bed linen. When you go to bed it will feel comfortable, cosy, friendly and should smell fabulous. Of course it depends on how you launder and the cleaning products used.

When you think about it, cleaning may be a pain at times, requiring physical energy, but the effects of doing it well, are not only beneficial, they can be a lifesaver.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

In Victorian England people would regularly declare that "Cleanliness, is next to Godliness"