There are a couple of reasons to choose a hardwood floor over a carpet. Carpets tend to be dirtier more often because mud and dirt sticks to it. Stains from spoiled drinks or food show and can be difficult to remove. When you have pets and a carpet it can be a disaster because of all the hair they loose. Further does carpet loose it's luster after having it a couple of years. While hardwood floor are more difficult to damage or get dirty it does happen. To protect your hardwood floor you need to clean it regurlarly, in this article we are going to learn you a recipe that makes a perfect hardwood floor cleaner.

Hardwood Floor Cleaner Recipe
Ingredients: one teaspoon vinegar, one teaspoon vegetable oil, a quart of water, bucket, mop or old towel/cloth.

Instructions: Mix all the ingredients together in the bucket and mop the floor with it. Before you begin vacuum the floor or swipe it first, especially take care of any corners in the room because dust and dirt is difficult to remove with a mop. Do not use too much water at one place when mopping because it can get beneath the cracks and damage your floor.

One con about hardwood floors is that it can be damaged easily by pets, hard underground shoes, high heels and anything else that can scratch the floor. For the scratches that are not so deep you can use a finishing lacquer to cover it. Deeper scratches need some more work because you have to sand it and refinish that area of the floor. One way to prevent your floor from some scratches is placing mats at entrances of your home and having a rug in your living room.

When you spill something liquid on your hardwood floor you need to clean it as quickly as you can. Otherwise the liquid can go through the grooves and damage the floor beneath. It is also very difficult to clean/ dry your floor when it the liquid is beneath the floor. If you have a newer type of floor you probably have a sealer for the grooves that protects it. Nonetheless you need to be careful and when you spill something clean it up using a small amount of the recipe above.

Swifer mops are ideal to quickly clean your hardwood floor and remove some dirt and dust. Using the recipe in this article assures you a beautiful hardwood floor which you can enjoy for a long time.