A dog with bad breath is not a natural occurrence. You might be forgiven for thinking it would be. After all, who hasn't encountered a pet pooch with breath bad enough to knock over an elephant? But the fact of the matter is, bad breath is a sign that something is wrong. However, for most dog owners cleaning dogs teeth is not something that comes too naturally either.

Plaque is the usual culpret. A build up on the teeth and the entire surface of the mouth, it is a home for bacteria that not only whiff, but also cause damage. Tooth decay and gum disease can all cause distress to your pet and lead to further complications.

Whilst you can buy special formulas of dog friendly toothpaste most dog owners find the whole rigamole of trying to cleaning their dogs teeth simply too difficult. If you start a dog early, whilst they are still a young puppy and know no difference it can make things easier. But it is still a time-consuming difficult chore for the owner.

There are alternative methods of cleaning dogs teeth. Proden Plaqueoff Animal is one such product. A natural food supplement, all you have to do is sprinkle some into your pet's meals. The ingredients are digested and then secreted with the saliva into your pet's mouth. Here they help break down any plaque that is already existing, so in a few weeks you should find oral hygiene is much improved and bad breath is a thing of the past. In addition the surfaces of the inside of the mouth become less 'sticky' so less plaque forms in future. All in all, it makes for one simple way to keep your dogs teeth clean.

Another great way to improve a dog's oral hygiene is to feed them raw meaty bones. There are a few types that should be avoided (primarily chicken legs unless you first remove the pin bone), but generally raw meaty bones are an excellent way to keep a dog's mouth in tip top condition. But some owners dislike having raw meat around the garden (though in most cases it simply doesn't last long!) so prefer to try alternatives such as dentasticks or dental chews. These are probably better than nothing but can work out expensive and are equally nasty when left hanging around covered in carpet fluff!

Proden Plaqueoff for Animals is a simple solution for those pet owners that find brushing difficult, or raw meaty bones as distasteful way of cleaning dogs teeth.