Cleaning Makeup Brushes

Cleaning Makeup Brushes

Professional makeup artists know the importance of cleaning makeup brushes for the health of the skin, to get the best makeup application and to make sure that contamination doesn't occur from used and dirty makeup brushes as well as to help them last as long as possible to protect your investment.


If you're an aspiring professional makeup artist, a make up guru or just want to make sure that you're using the proper tools and equipment to get the best look, you must keep your tools - brushes clean at all times.


Cleaning makeup brushes doesn't take long and it will help your brushes last longer and perform much better with some simple tips. Your tools should be thoroughly cleaned at least once a week or more often if you use them daily with heavy applications or multiple colors. Use these tips for the best way to clean makeup brushes.



Steps to Cleaning Makeup Brushes

* Buy a natural and chemical free makeup remover that is fragrance free and suitable and gentle enough for the most sensitive skin and even safe for contact lens wearers. Most  removers come in a liquid or gel form. Many people use soap and water but, many soaps contain ingredients that dry and leave a residue that will be harder to remove from brushes and water alone will not remove the dirt or foundations - just as is so for cleaning your skin. Eye makeup remover is specifically made to remove foundations and is not only a great choice for the skin but, also works quickly and efficiently for the tools you use every day.

* Pour a small amount of the eye makeup remover into the palm of your hand.

* Take one of your brushes and swirl the brush end into the cleaner in your hand until all the bristles of the brush are well coated with the cleaner. Spend a full minute or two swirling the brush end into the cleaner.

* Rinse the brush end under tepid water until all of the dirt and makeup are removed making sure to allow the water to run down the bristles of the brush and not into the handle area. (This will help your applicators to last longer and keep the handle from separating from the handle).

* Squeeze as much water from the bristle end with your hand making sure to keep the shape of it intact.

* Next, use a towel to squeeze out more water.

* Lay it flat on the sink with the bristle end hanging into the sink area and not on the surface of the sink or the towel to air dry OR use a large glass or cup to dry the makeup brush by resting the handle area into the glass. Air drying is the best way and the fastest way to dry the makeup brush bristles.

* Repeat this procedure for all of your brushes until they are all cleaned.

* Once the it's completely dry, store them in a case or container that allows each one to lay flat and covered. This will help them to stay clean when not in use.


Cleaning makeup brushes is fast and easy and most will dry overnight so it's a good habit to get into to clean them in the evening and air dry overnight for use the next day. Also, the more often you clean your brushes, the less build up inside those bristles making cleaning easier and faster each time. Avoiding chemicals when cleaning brushes will help the bristles stay intact and help to maintain the shape and longevity of the investment you made with makeup tools.

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Spray the bristles nightly after use and allow to dry