Upholstery Furniture

Microfiber is a man-made synthetic fabric made form ultra thin wound polyester and nylon fibers. The result is soft velvet like surface which looks amazing. It resembles suede, but unlike it microfiber is durable and can't be easily damaged by water and stains. Moreover it is easy to clean and maintain, making it great for upholstering furniture and cleaning cloths. Although the two fibers are water and stain resistant separately, the combination isn't.

Types Of Microfiber

There are three types of microfiber upholstery depending on the way it has to be cleaned, you can find instructions in the manual or under the cushion seats. There is dry cleaning only, which in many cases require professional help from a cleaning company. For the next type you can sue water based solutions, but remember try not to over shampoo or over wet the area, because you'll have to deal with mold and mildew problem. 

Like most upholstery fabrics, microfiber has to be kept away form direct sunlight, otherwise it will loose its colour and become vulnerable to tearing and stains. To keep it in good shape you'll have to weekly vacuum the sofa, to prevent dust and dirt build up which are the upholsteries worst enemies. When dealing with microfiber upholstery there are some things you just can't use if you want to enjoy your couch longer.

Bleach is absolutely forbidden, because along with discolouration it damages the fibers. Nail polish remover is even more dangerous, because there is a possibility to destroy the fabric and don't the the mistake of using carpet cleaning solutions. And since microfiber is a specific fabric you should use special upholstery cleaners, the commercial ones may not handle the stains and do some damage on the upholstery.

Even if you get the cleaner recommended form the manufacturer, always preform a spot test on an inconspicuous area. We'll be talking mainly about water-safe microfiber, because I don't think people would prefer to deal with sofa dry cleaning on their own. So there is a stain on your favorite sofa, what are you going to do? The stains are divided into two categories liquid and solid, I don't think there is a need to explain them.

The key to successfully clean a stain is to be calm and work fast, the more you delay the more time it has to set into the fabric. First soak up or remove any particles from the piece of furniture, but don't scrub, the key is to be gentle. Solid particles can be removed with a spoon or dulled knife to protect the fibers. For the actual cleaning you'll need soap suds, make a thick foam with warm water and mild liquid dish-washing soap.

Gently dab the soapy cloth onto the stain with circular motion until the stain is completely removed. Blot the excess suds, leave it to dry and use a soft brush to return the former looks of the fabric. If you're unfortunate enough to have bought a moisture sensitive microfiber upholstered sofa I have bad news. I have no idea how to thoroughly clean it, the best thing you can do is contact cleaning company.