clutterClutter, clutter, everywhere! Every year at about this time I take a good look around my house and I am amazed by the amount of junk I collect. I think it happens in January because the Christmas decorations have come down, and my house looks bare, making the amount of clutter look even worse. Piles of paper, junk mail and even socks make it to the top of my kitchen table. I cannot tell you the color of the wood on the desk in my office. My bathroom counter? Don't get me started!

Certainly I am not the only collector of junk in this world, so here I will offer a few areas of your house to start with to clean out the junk and make a little living space for yourself and whomever you share space with. This is not an easy task, unfortunately, but if you are like me, once you start getting organized it gets easier to stay that way!

The first place I always start cleaning up the clutter is in my bedroom. My dresser is a big dumping ground for clutter of all kinds! I love to have a dresser that is free of excess makeup and hair supplies. Many times I just throw away the products I am no longer using or that are past expiration. Once everything is tossed or stashed away, dust or wipe the area that you just cleaned and put your things back in an orderly fashion. Now that you have cleaned a bit your living space, look at what you have accomplished in a short amount of time! This could give you inspiration to move onto the next bad area of your house.

Clutter in the bathroom is almost impossible to avoid long-term, but this is a great area to do next if you go on a cleaning rampage! Throw away products that are expired, put smaller items in a basket or drawer and hang up towels on racks. Clean up your sink area and be proud that you have such a clean and clutter-free bathroom!

If your office or computer room is anything like mine, you may have your work cut out for you in this area of your home. Try cleaning off your computer desk and whatever shelving you use in your office. An organized office is also an efficient one! Just think of how happy you will be the next time you sit down to work and you don't knock twelve things over and you may even be able to find your notes!

IF you are really motivated after all of this cleaning you have been doing, head on into the kitchen. You may have to spend a bit more time in the kitchen cleaning out the clutter and cleaning as well, but just by clearing the main countertops of extra utensils, spices, etc., you will find it much easier to cook without knocking stuff over. This area is also often full of products that are in need of being thrown away, so be heartless! If you don't want something anymore and or you aren't using it, consider having a yard sale in the near future or just giving it away to the Salvation Army or Goodwill.

The only question left is what to do with all of the junk you collected. I personally am a huge fan of the Goodwill Store, and make many donations every year. Check your own area to find out a good charity organization to donate anything you don't need but is still in good condition. Your local church may take clothing donations as well. If you are a more enterprising person, you may also want to consider having a profitable yard sale to make a few extra dollars on what used to be your clutter!

Enjoy your new, clutter-free life!