Ugg-boots are manufactured in Australia by Deckers Outdoor Corporation and are a fashion choice all over the world. Uggs have taken the United States by storm and remain wildly popular.

Ugg-boots – so warm and cozy. Your feet love you for wearing UGGs. They feel like you have warm, cozy slippers on and so, so comfortable. UGG Australia makes these wonderful must have boots from suede lined with lamb’s wool. For many people buying a pair of Ugg-boots is an investment because they are not cheap, but they are worth every penny. Ugg-boots match any and every outfit if you really want them to. People who own them, can’t live without them. Keeping your boots clean and beautiful will help to extend their life and your investment.

Submerge a clean, white, lint free cloth into cool water. Wring out the excess water so t
he cloth is wet, does is not dripping. Only use a white cloth because fabrics that are dyed can transfer the dye to your Ugg-boots and leave a permanent stain. Do not use linty fabric because the small bits of lint can become intermeshed with the suede.

Gently wipe the boots from the top down to the soles. Make sure you wipe the boots using even strokes so the boots are uniformly dampened. Lightly wetting them requires you to keep the dampening consistent throughout each boot to maintain the color and not have any splotches later.

Squeeze about a dime or nickel size of UGG cleaner and conditioner on the white cloth. Rub the cleaner and conditioner into the rag to distribute cleaner evenly over the surface of the cleaning cloth. As your blend the cleaner into the cloth it will lather up.

Very gently wipe the cleaner and conditioner onto the Ugg-boots, starting at the top of the pair of boots and working down to the sole. Keep the application very even to avoid discoloration and suede damage.

Wet a second white rag with cool water and wring out the excess.

Wipe the boots from the top down to remove the cleaner. Turn and refold the cloth often to reveal a clean surface.

Use a third clean, white rag to blot the pair of boots. Pull out as much dampness as possible without squeezing the boots.

Crumble up white paper towels or rags and stuff them into the boots, which helps them keep their shape as they are drying.

Place the Ugg-boots in an area with good ventilation. Do not put them in direct sunlight or next to the radiator or other heat source to dry.

If your boots or slippers have mud on them, allow the mud to dry completely and them smack the boots together outdoors to shake the dry mud loose. Brush the muddy areas gently with a sued brush to remove any remaining dried mud. Once all of the mud has been successfully removed, clean your boots or slippers following the above steps and directions.

Avoid wearing your Uggs when it is raining, outdoor conditions are slushy or mushy.

 After the boots dry fully, gently brush the suede with an UGG boot brush.

Apply UGG Stain and Water Repellent to the boots to help prevent the suede from staining before wearing them for the first time.

Never submerge Ugg-boots or slippers completely in water.

Never launder Uggs in a washing machine because you will ruin them.

Uggs keep your feet warm and happy in temperatures all the way down to -30 degrees F.

Uggs are luxury and comfort all in one -- care for them properly and you will have them for years.