Have you been wondering about how to clean a pair of westone um earphones? Be it a westone um1 or a westone 2 or some other similar model, the following methods would work wonderfully in cleaning the gunk out of your earphones.

Firstly, you would need the default wax loop provided in your set of earphones, probably in the box or in a plastic wrapping inside the pouch, or right beside the replacement and extra ear tips. This is the 'device' they provide for you to use as a earwax removal tool. It is pretty handy once you get the hang of it.

If you can't find it, either because you bought a second hand pair, or you've lost it somehow, there's still hope. Take a thin piece of wire, and coil it up into a tiny tip, like you would thread a needle, or if you have an appropriate sized needle with a slightly larger hole, but can still fit nicely into the nozzle of the earphones, that would work too. You could also use a thin plastic piece that is malleable enough for you to fold it into that sort of shape.

Now we can get on to the actual cleaning, now that you've acquired the necessary tools that are required for this endeavor: You can choose either to remove the eartips from the ear nozzles first, but usually I think there is no such need, the comply tips are a tight fit such that ear wax mainly only goes into the nozzles. This is more of a ear tip cleaning.

Insert the wax loop in (or whichever device you have decided to use) inside the nozzle and slowly rotate it, the internal loop will collect most of the ear wax, and then you can slowly pull it out and use a tissue to wipe it off. Do this a couple of times and you should be able to remove most of the ear wax. Rinse and repeat a few more times until it is clean. Take care not to get water inside the nozzle, use a dry tissue, or at the very most a slightly damp cloth only. Otherwise your earphones might spoil due to water damage, and then you might not be able to claim the warranty. If you use a dry cloth, and have no contact with water at all, then you would not have any problems.

This method of keeping your westone monitors clean should work for the entire line of westone UM line, which includes IEMs such as the westone UM1.

At the end, if you've been wondering how to make use of your ear wax loop, and how to clean your westone um1, here is your answer!

If you want to keep it even cleaner, you can change your ear tips more regularly too. You can buy a pack of them for a few dollars and replace them every few weeks or so for increased hygiene.