So, you are standing there looking at your kitchen, thinking, maybe it is time. It has natural wood cabinets, and there is dark areas around the handles, and it just looks dated and dull. Well before you consider spending thousands, why not try cleaning wood cabinets first?

Step 1 - Wood Cleaner - Safe and Works!

Murphy Oil Soap, Original Formula - 2pc 16 oz
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Clean with Murphy's Oil Soap

It is amazing just how much better a kitchen will look when the cabinets get a really good clean. Not that quick wipe down you may do because the kids spilled pop everywhere, but a really good, deep down clean that brings that wood back to life.

The kitchen takes a lot of abuse, and if you have kids, especially kids old enough to "help themselves" in the kitchen, then it can get grubby pretty quick, no matter how many times you wipe down that countertop. But the cabinets take a beating too, with grubby hands opening and closing them, oils and greases that transfer to them from the stove.

It actually doesn't take long before those cabinets you once loved, start looking old and grubby. So, try this solution first and see what a difference it will make to your kitchen.

Once you have really given them a good wash (don't use scrubbing brushes, just a really soft clean cloth, and let the product do the work) and you have followed the directions for the cleaner, then let it all dry.

Then Condition with Scotts Liquid Gold

Step 2 - Condition!

Scotts Liquid Gold A-10 Liquid Gold Aerosol Wood Care - 10 oz
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Conditioning and Cleaning is the best way to bring them back to life. So, the next step is to choose a good wood conditioner, such as Scots Liquid Gold. I use this one quite a bit. Follow the directions on the can, and with another clean soft cloth, rub this into the wood.

You will be able to see the difference almost immediately. The wood conditioner works wonders at bringing dull, dirty and dry wood back to life. You can then take another clean cloth and polish it. Now that you have finished, stand back and look at the sheen on those cupboards. Cleaning wood cabinets, can make such a difference!

Now if you still want to upgrade that kitchen a bit, consider replacing the hardware (knobs and drawer pulls) with some trendier options. Head to the hardware or home improvement store and see what is hot in the kitchen hardware section.

You could even go a step further and replace the countertop. This alone can make you look like you got a brand new kitchen. By cleaning wood cabinets, you can make them look new, and save a lot of money on replacement. Wood is always in style.

Grease is the Enemy!

Grease in the kitchen, is one of the worst enemies for wooden cabinets. Grease attracts dust and dirt, and that makes your cabinets look dull and old.  You can bring them back to life.

There are other wood cleaners on the market, but this really does a good job and is gentle. The best thing to do, in invest some time, meaning you don't want to be in a mad rush with this. Take an hour or so, and mix up some of the oil soap with really warm water and start at one end and wash each cabinet, really get in around those knobs and handles. This oil soap (or a wood cleaner of your choice) really gets the grime off.

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