So, today is a bright and sunny day, and as the sun rays shine into your house, you see that all your wood furniture, looks a bit dull and drab. Cleaning wood furniture is not your favorite chore in the world. You do the weekly quick dust when you can or you get the kids to do it. You have been avoiding buying those expensive furniture polishes and have just been dusting, but now the wood no longer has that deep richness to it, that it had when you first bought it.

Homemade Made Wood Furniture Cleaner

1 x cup of Olive Oil

1/3 x cup of lemon juice

I x clean spray bottle 

2 x clean soft clothes

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The method is simple:

Combine the oil and lemon juice into the spray bottle.  Then shake well.


Well you don't have to run out and buy expensive sprays for cleaning wood furniture, there are some homemade ones that work just as well, or in many cases better. Many of these ingredients are in your kitchen right now. It can be amazing to know, that sitting in our kitchen right now is a goldmine of natural cleaning products. Yet many of us, are conditioned to run out and purchase a specialty cleaning product. But maybe we can change that.

You will need a few household products, but these are quite cheap in comparison to the commercially bought products for cleaning wood furniture on the market. You can even use these on wood kitchen cabinets for a great sheen. If you do have to purchase olive oil or lemon juice, at least it won't be sent to the "cleaning cabinet" as this can be kept in the kitchen for other uses, such as food!


Now don't spray it directly onto the furniture, the best way is to spray it onto one of the soft cloths. Now use this evenly over the wood. Once you have finished, you will need to take the second soft cloth and buff it up.

Olive oil is a great multipurpose oil. It can be used for everything from great salads and cooking to your skin, and onto cleaning wood furniture, wood cabinets, and wooden decorative objects you may have. You can also use this on wood paneling, you may want to have help with that size of a job.

The combination of the olive oil and lemon juice is amazing. The lemon juice cleans and works as a cleaner, helping to remove grease, dirt and grime, and the olive oil is the perfect natural conditioner for your special wood pieces.

Once you have made up a batch of this for cleaning wood furniture, you need to find as many wood items as you can, since you should not store this mixture. It is a one time use only. You should mix up a new batch the next time you go to do this.

Depending on the levels of dryness and humidity in your house, and the air quality and use of the wood furniture, will dictate how often you do this deep cleaning and conditioning.

In between times, you can dust with a soft cloth, but you should not need to use any commercial products, just a dusting cloth, and then each season (or more often if you think it needs it) you should apply this homemade lemon oil furniture product made fresh in your kitchen.

Homemade cleaners were around in my Grandmother's day. She used to tell me how as a small girl, they would clean things using kitchen products. I never understood why she did this, as I was raised in an era of going to the store and buying the product for the need. Which meant my mothers "cleaning cabinet" was full of cans and sprays.

As we are all trying to reduce our carbon footprint in this world, then it only makes sense that we should try and use natural ingredients to clean our houses and ourselves. Just because it is labeled "natural" doesn't mean it won't work. Many products started out with ingredients from nature.

In my grandma's day, vinegar was used for almost everything, from windows to disinfecting to cleaning your skin. But many of those homemade recipes died out, but are making a come back now. Many using such ingredients as lemon juice, olive oil and vinegar, which are common in many people's kitchens.

So, if cleaning wood furniture is one of them, then try this homemade furniture polish, and see how it brings the sheen and luster back in your wooden furniture and cabinets. Just make sure and use very soft cloths, and not anything scratchy, and cleaning wood furniture will be a breeze, and that "cleaning cabinet" will contain less and less commercial products.

My Grandma would love to see how people are going back to simple style cleaners, it makes sense, and since many of these ingredients work just as well as commercial products, then why not? Vinegar does a wonderful job on windows when mixed with water for example.

There are many homemade cleaning recipes out there. Most are one time use, which means the day you decide you are going to clean something, you just make up a batch of your cleaner. Once we get used to doing that, and have a few of these ingredients around the house, and maybe a few spray bottles from the dollar store, we are more likely to get into the habit.

So, even if we just change one cleaning habit at a time, you are going to save money, and the ingredients are not going to be toxic. After all, you are cleaning the house that you live and breathe in, why fill it with too many toxic fumes?

If you feel you just don't want to get into making your own cleaners, then at least check out the line of "natural cleaners" that are on the supermarket shelves now. Read the ingredients, just make sure you can understand what the ingredients are, before you use them in your home.

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