Soft contact lenses need to be cleaned properly to keep your eyes healthy. With most contact lenses you are not allowed to sleep with them. So before you go to bed, remove your contact lenses and clean the contact lenses. Contact lenses have to be cleaned daily to remove the deposits and bacteria that was accumulating on the lenses.

Here's one way to clean your soft contact lenses:

Wash your hands with soap and water. Dry them with a lint free towel so you won't get any lint on the contacts or your eyes. Remove the right contact lens and add a few drops of saline solution or multi-purpose contact lens solution. Use the appropriate solution that your optometrist told you to use. Once you have the drops on the lens, gently rub the contact lens with your finger. Try rubbing the lens back and forth instead of in a circular motion to prevent too much stretching. The rubbing only needs to be done for about 10 to 15 seconds. Then flip the contact lens to the inverted side and gently rub that side too. Give the contact lens a quick rinse with the contact lens solution and place it inside the case. The case must be filled with the appropriate multi-purpose contact lens solution. The liquid inside the contact lens case should always be clean. Do not use water. Then repeat the same for the other contact lens. If you'd like, flip the contact lens to the correct side before you insert it in the case that way it's ready to go when you put it on in the morning.

Here is another way to clean your soft contact lenses:

This other method of course has to be approved by your optometrist. To disinfect your contact lenses thoroughly you can use a the disinfecting solution called Clear Care. With Clear Care you do not have to rub the contact lenses, but you do need to stay away from them for a minimum of 6 hours or overnight.

Start by washing your hands with soap and water then drying them with a lint free towel, as you should always do. Then remove the right contact lens and place it inside the Clear Care case. There is the right side dome, labeled with an "R", which you need to open to put the contact lens inside. Then remove the left contact lens and place it inside the dome with the "L" on the outside. Now fill the Clear Care case with Clear Care solution up to the line that's indicated. Insert the contact lenses in the dome and screw it tight.
You'll notice that the solution will start to bubble. It's reacting with the disc in the case and disinfecting the contact lenses.
Now that the soft contact lenses are in the case, it is extremely important thta you do not remove them for at least 6 hours. Many patients leave them overnight since they aren't supposed to sleep with contact lenses anyway. After the 6 hours are over or it's morning, you can remove the contact lenses and insert them in your eyes. After the 6 hours, the Clear Care solution is neutralized so it will not harm your eyes. Before the 6 hours, the Clear Care will definitely cause pain and may cause retinal damage so be very careful. If you want to rinse the contacts before you put them on, you can rinse them with multi-purpose contact lens solution but never use Clear Care to rinse them.

There are some soft contact lenses that can be slept in. Eventhough, these contact lenses can be worn for a month at a time, it would be very smart to clean them weekly. This will allow your eyes to breathe while your lenses are removed and to keep the contact lenses clean to finish up the rest of the week.

Keeping your contact lenses is very important for your eye health. The cleaner the contact lenses are, the less likely you will get an eye infection. So take care of your eyes by cleaning and disinfecting your contact lenses. If you have any questions about your eye health, you should consult your eye doctor.