Smooth ceramic cooktops are rapidly replacing stoves with exposed coil burners. Not only do these cooktops look more modern, they are also much easier to clean. You no longer have to worry about food boiling over the side of the pot and then dripping into the burner pan. Cleaning burner pans is a nuisance and is a major motivator to upgrade to a ceramic cooktop.

While ceramic cooktops are certainly easier to keep clean than the exposed coil alternatives, you will still need to invest a bit of time into keeping them looking great for years to come. There are a few tools you should have in order to accomplish this task. Most of these are inexpensive and can easily be located at your local grocer, hardware store, or appliance store. A quick search online will also result in numerous options.

Dish Soap

After each use you should clean your ceramic cooktop with a basic sponge and some dish soap. The gentle nature of dish soap is great for your cooktop and it will eliminate any grease and food crumbs that may have accumulated.

Now dish soap is not going to remove everything from your ceramic cooktop. The purpose of this step is simply to remove as much of the splatters as possible. This will prepare your cooktop for the next few steps and yield the greatest results.

Ceramic Cooktop Scrapper

If you have a ceramic cooktop you should also own a scrapper. After cleaning your cooktop with dish soap run your hand over the surface. Do you feel a series of spots and splatters that were left behind? These are the areas that you want to scrape. Although it seems scary ceramic scrappers are designed for this task and will not harm your cooktop. Just remember to be patient and all of the splatters will eventually be removed.

After you have finished with the scrapper you may notice that your cooktop is dirty again. It is a good idea to clean the surface a second time with the dish soap.

Cerama Bryte Cleaner

In order to finish cleaning you ceramic cooktop you will need to use Cerama Bryte Cleaner. This product will keep your cooktop looking like brand new for years to come. Simply apply the cleaner to your cooktop and polish it until it shines.

You can apply Cerama Bryte Cleaner with a soft cloth or use their cleaning pads. These pads are like nylon brillo pads and they are very useful for removing any leftover splatters that you may have missed with a scrapper!

This might seem like a lot of maintenance work to keep your cooktop clean. If you regularly run through these steps you will find it takes just a few short minutes!