The municipality, the mayor’s pride and joy of the District Headquarters, is built on a high-water table land. In rain seasons, that come twice a year, the town is flooded with dirty and filthy water that drains to the rivers nearby.




The residents living in the outskirts of the town and in the countryside have no piped [treated] water supply. The residents with no otherwise depend entirely on river- water for their domestic utility. Pathetically, the contaminated water is drank without ever boiling. Notwithstanding the ignorance of taking healthy precautions and the seriousness of healthy hazards, the residents are ever exposed in contracting many water- borne diseases- cholera, dysentry and diarrhea.

Believe it or not, the surprise is that despite the high population, the town has no sewage system. In the past fifty [50] years, the town residents with shops have been digging pit latrines. In the event that one is filled another is dug. In the rain seasons, the sewage overflows to the great detriment of the residents, not only in the town but also in the outskirts as well as in the countryside.

Dirty water too from hotels and bathrooms is not drained into a pit but channeled out of the building and to the streets. The rearwards of the shops are waterlogged and the breeding place of mosquitoes. The public healthy officers have failed spraying with insecticides the breeding places of mosquitoes.

The roads leading in-out of the town are of the best quality, lovely tarmacked. But this task is the project of the central government. Adjacent [along] the main road are deep trenches. Furrows stretch all along the verandahs of the shops. All are built of stones, and meant to collect water that drains no where but to the rivers.


The awful sight of trenches and furrows is the dirt and filth that litters about with all other types of rubbish-polythene papers, plastic bottles, beer cans, broken pieces of beer and soda bottles and all waste from the open market places. Just  next to the open market lies a mountain of garbage- the breeding home of flies and mosquitoes.


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 The test of leadership is giving unselfish service instead of striving for financial self –gain. In the eventual failure to provide effective service, the volunteers offer themselves to render that service free of charge. Well the pride of the healthy environment and cleanliness is maintained by volunteers. These generous people comprise the youth, nurses and university students. The volunteers in masks, groves and brooms spend the whole day cleaning the environment and burning the collected garbage. But in all surprise, this humane-self of delivering free services is not the only surprise. Inspite of the good work of tidying the town, indifference prevails with no gesture of gratitude from the authorities.


The volunteers however, cannot go to the extent of authorizing themselves to supervise cleanliness in hotels, butcheries, drainage of water from hotels and bathrooms and the breeding places of mosquitoes. Public healthy officers are specifically employed to supervise and maintain cleanliness in all those places that affect the health of the residents directly.


So far so good. The healthy living requires a healthy environment. Municipal authorities collect enough revenue to employ full time cleaners and buy tracks to carry away the garbage. The mind-boggling questions remains ever etched in the sub-conscious minds of the residents. “Where does all the annually collected revenue go?” Corruption is the culture deep rooted in our leaders and a cancer in the marrow of their bones. The few crave to enrich themselves with public funds and thus exposing the general public funds and thus exposing the general public to abject poverty. In my assessment, and many will agree with me, no president will ever come to either root out corruption or provide a cure for the cancer that is eating the fabric of the society.