Crystal healing is becoming more and more popular and with it many people are buying crystals to add to their lives. Knowing how to cleanse your crystals before using them for crystal healing and other purposes is important. It is easy to do and well worth the effort.

Cleansing Crystals - When Should You Do It?
The first thing you need to know is when you should cleanse your crystals. This is often debatable depending on who you ask. It is well agreed that you should cleanse your crystals when you get them. Cleansing crystals should also take place after you have used them for heavy purposes and every now and again depending on how you use them. Some people cleanse their crystals regularly on a schedule such as once a week or every full moon.

Cleansing Crystals - The How.
There are about a million and one different ways for you to charge your crystals. Each person has a firm belief that their favorite ways are the only ways it should be done, but the truth is that you need to try several things and find out what is your favorite way. How you feel and see your crystals is likely to change how you cleanse them. Here are several great cleansing options.

  • Moonlight. One great way to go about cleansing crystals is to use the moonlight. While any moonlight will work, the full moon has the strongest power and will leave your crystals clean and having wonderful vibrations. You can also mix this method with other ones. It is commonly mixed with salt methods.
  • Salt. Salt can be used to cleanse your crystals. Often it is used in water, but you can also make a salt circle and place your crystal in the middle or you can place the crystal on a bed of salt. Often sea salt is recommended because it has softer vibrations for your crystals. While salt is often considered a great way to clean the stones it should be noted that it can be harsh and do damage. Water can also cause some minerals to dissolve.
  • Smudging. An older practice is to take herbs and make them into a smudge stick (or to buy them). You then light the smudge stick on fire and use the smoke from it for cleansing crystals.
  • Earth. All the elements can be used in cleansing crystals. To use the earth you will want to bury your gemstones in the soil. This can be done outside or inside with a box or planter.
  • You. You hold within you the power to cleanse your crystals yourself. There are a few different ways to do this. One option is to hold it in your hand and close your eyes. Envision bright cleansing light flowing from your eyes and down your body, through your arm, and through the crystal. You want this bright light to push the negativity out of the crystal.
  • Other Methods. There are lots of different methods for cleansing crystals. This list is really just the beginning. You can choose from the long list provided at The Gemstone Story so that you can find the ones that are best for you.

Cleansing Crystals - What Does It Do?
There is a fine line between rituals with a purpose and those that don't seem to have a purpose. When it comes to cleaning your crystals there is indeed a purpose. This process eliminates the negativity that your gemstones and your minerals (and other stones) have absorbed. when crystal healing takes place and even when these stones are carried around they absorb negativity. Some say that this can even be seen visually (though I personally haven't noticed a physical change in my stones). In any case, the cleansing ritual you choose will get rid of the negativity and restore the stone to its original state.

Cleansing Crystals - How Long?
Knowing how long to cleanse your crystals is hard to do and everyone has a different opinion. Some people say that you should cleanse for a few hours, over night, or even a few days. The best thing that you can do is to cleanse for how long you feel it needs to be done for each gemstone or mineral. Some take longer than others. One method for learning about how long it takes is using a pendulum. You then ask your pendulum whether or not your crystals are cleansed and from there you can find out how long it takes. You may need to ask your pendulum more than once.

Cleansing Crystals - Is Charging Different?
There is a second process called charging your crystals that often gets people confused. Many times the confusion comes from the fact that both of these processes can often be done at the same time. For example, when you cleanse your crystals with lightening the lightening not only removes the negative energies that the crystal has absorbed it also refreshes the stone and add energy to it. Even though the two processes can often be done at the same time, they have different intents. Cleansing crystals removes the negative energies that it has absorbed where charging crystals is done to add energy and bring the crystal back to its original vibrations.

Cleansing Crystals - Stones That Don't Need To be Cleansed.
There are a few stones that don't need to be cleansed. These stones may or may not need to be charged, but they don't need you to take the time to cleanse them. The first group of self cleansers are so powerful that they can also be used to cleanse other stones. These include selenite, citrine, kyanite, and carnelian. Other self cleansing crystals are azulite, diamonds, Herkimer diamonds, phenakite, and apophilite.

Cleansing crystals is easy to do and it is very important. You want to make sure that you are keeping your crystals clean and free of negative energies. It is when they are free of these that they will do the most good in your life. When working with crystal healing this is particularly important so that they can help to make the healing happen as fast and best as possible.