Cleansing diets are all the rage right now. Also known as a detox diet, there are a variety of these programs out there. While all these diets are unique and promise slightly different results, they are all based on the same principle. This is the belief that the body is polluted. It's difficult to disagree with this statement. Think about all the stuff that enters your body on a day to day basis. The most obvious place to start is your food. All the saturated fats, oils, chemicals and preservatives take their toll on the body. Sure, some of these things are necessary to keep the food fresh, but where does this stuff go once it's inside you? The body is not meant to deal with some of these things. The water we drink is often no better, containing traces of chlorine and plastic. Even the air we breathe isn't as a clean as it once was.

Cleansing diets focus on removing all these toxins from your body through a variety of different methods. Once rid of all these poisons, you will apparently feel fresh and re-energized. Now as I mentioned off the top, these diets are different. That said, there are a few things that most of them include. In the following text, we'll go over what a typical colon cleanse diet consists of. First thing's first though. I'm not a doctor. If you are at all interested in going on of these programs, please to your research. If you have an doubts or questions, see a health care professional.

Now then, most of these body cleanse diets stress the eating of natural foods. You are trying to rid your body of toxins so it makes sense that you shouldn't be eating them! Stick to organic fruits and vegetables without pesticides or growth hormones. Unprocessed food is usually pretty safe if you are on one these diets. Things like nuts and seeds, for example, can provide you with necessary proteins in a natural source. There are also a few common herbs that most of these cleanse diets encourage you to eat. Milk thistle seed and the yucca root, in particular, seem to be very popular means of detoxing.

On top of all this stuff you SHOULD be eating, there is also a list of things you should avoid. This stuff is pretty obvious but we'll discuss it for the sake of being complete. You have to avoid poisons like alcohol, tobacco and even caffeine. This is pretty tough for most people but the results are worth it. You don't have to go off these things forever either. Common detox programs like the Apple Cleansing Diet and the Lemon Cleanse Diet only require that you give up these things for about 2 weeks.

As I mentioned above, there is a lot of information on these types of diets and programs online. Do a bit of research, talk to your doctor, and choose a body cleanse diet that is right for you. Good luck!