Should You Get See Through Ceramic Braces?

If you are considering having clear ceramic braces fitted to correct and straighten your teeth -- then the following guide will be able to help you out in making that decision. However, before getting into the pros and cons and whether or not you should choose  -- let's firstly get a clear overview of what ceramic braces actually are.

They are essentially a cosmetic and more aesthetically pleasing take on the traditional metal brace. Essentially ceramic braces are the same size and work in the same fashion as your metal brace to move your teeth into place. However, the only real difference is they either have clear "see through brackets", to make them practically unnoticeable or are tooth colored (the former being the more expensive).

You also have the option to have clear ceramic braces with clearwire as well (e.g. from Simpliclear), to make them practically as good as Invisalign when it comes to their aesthetics (these are of course yet more expensive).

Advantages of Clear Ceramic Braces

  • More Aesthetically Pleasing - obviously for anyone who is quite image conscious, ceramic braces which have clear brackets are a far better option than metal braces. It has to be said as well, they do look quite good.
  • Fast Treatment Process - however they still have the benefit to quickly sort out your teeth (relatively speaking) as opposed to Invisalign that although is invisible will take slightly longer to get the job done.
  • Complicated Cases -  these braces can be used for all situations and aren't limited with regards to complexity or severity of the case unlike the Invisalign treatment.
  • Can't Lose Them -  as they are 'fixed' you won't have any chance of losing them, unlike Invisalign aligners that are removable.

Disadvantages of Clear Ceramic Braces

  • Expensive - as you probably expect in comparison to metal braces, ceramic ones do cost more (details on that below) and clear bracket ceramic ones further still (and even further with clearwire)
  • Careful Cleaning Maintenance - moreover because they are essentially just clear brackets, if you don't pay extra careful attention to cleaning them, they can become stained and ruin the whole point of them in the first place.
  • Difficulty Eating and Cleaning  - with ceramic braces (especially clear ones) it does prohibit certain foods and drinks for the time they are on. Although, they can cause the patient some discomfort and pain initially.

How Much Do Clear Ceramic Braces Cost?

When determining the cost of braces there a lot of factors to consider (e.g. complexity of the case, where your dentist located, how experienced is the dentist and so on) but the following figures aim to be cost range estimates for the entire treatment (incl. check ups, potential scans and so on) to give you an idea and something to compare across your options.

Your traditional metal brace (which for the record aren't half as ugly as they used to be, by any means) can cost upwards of $3500 and in comparison a tooth colored-ceramic brace upwards of $4000. But, because we are dealing with 'clear-ceramic' this increases the price yet further to that of approximately $4500 (and again more so with clear wire by around $200). So essentially upwards of $4700 if you are going for the full aesthetic appeal with a traditional brace set.

So a Quick Cost Rank (cheapest to most expensive):

1. Traditional Metal Braces Cost: $3500 plus

2. Ceramic Braces Cost: $4000 plus

3. Clear Ceramic Braces Cost: $4500 plus

4. Clear Ceramic Braces with Clear Wire Cost: $4700 plus.

Hence, keeping all things equal when we consider the option of clear ceramic braces vs metal you are paying potentially over a $1000 more (which is a lot of money in fairness). Since we are on this track you might as well consider Invisalign...

Clear Ceramic Braces Vs Invisalign

Invisalign is a bit different to that of the traditional set of ceramic & metal braces in that you will have 'custom' designed invisible medical grade plastic aligners (manufactured at Align technology's base) which are replaced every two weeks to be fitted around your teeth.

This option obviously has a very popular appeal among younger adults and teens (for which has a dedicated program) due to its cosmetic appeal and also proposes the benefit of being easily removed for eating anything you want (as long as you clean your teeth before putting the aligners back on) as well as for easily maintaining a good oral hygiene.

Invisalign costs around the same as clear-ceramic braces at the $5000 figure (potentially more, but more than likely will actually end up a bit cheaper), but unfortunately it isn't suitable for everyone and all cases -- it can't be used for children and isn't really used for the serious cases. Although not proven, some dentists argue that Invisalign can take longer as well (with the refinements that have to be made).

They do also offer an express option as well (5 and 10) which is for smaller teeth straightening jobs for which a full brace isn't really needed.

Clear-Ceramic Braces Review

If you do have any questions or concerns regarding the guide overview then please do make them in the comments below and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible. Also, if you plan on having the treatment done, we wish you the best of luck.