When you start shopping for Christmas gifts, trees, and holiday dinners, the money really starts to add up fast. At this time of the year it's not a bad idea to try to save as much money as possible. It's quite easy to end up broke from holiday shopping. Christmas lights are relatively cheap, but it still doesn't hurt to shop for clear Christmas lights for sale online to help save a little money for the holidays this season. You can purchase clear Christmas lights for sale for both indoor and outdoor use. Christmas lights are one the special ways of celebrating the holiday season. I know setting up Christmas lights feels like a chore, but it's kind of a Christmas tradition. No one says you got to decorate your house like Clark Griswold, but a few Christmas decorations isn't such a bad way to celebrate Christmas with glee this year. Down below are some online sites on where to shop and find clear Christmas lights on sale for outdoors and indoors.

Clear Light Christmas LightsCredit: chiclights.com

Indoor Clear Christmas Lights on Sale

If you're looking for white wire clear Christmas lights for sale, then the 50 Clear Everglow Mini Christmas lights are great products to purchase for cheap prices. The good thing is that if one bulb burns out, then the other bulbs won't burn out and will remain lit. You can use these Indoor clear Christmas lights for outdoor use too, but they're kind of small. They're more for Christmas trees, and Christmas wreaths than anything else. They're pretty bright lights though featuring 50 mini bulbs per string. They can be used as steady burning lights or they can be used as two way flashing lights. You can purchase everglow indoor clear Christmas lights for sale online at shop.christmascentral.com and amazon for about six dollars.

The 100 Brown Wire Clear Christmas Lights are similar cheap and affordable lights for indoor use. They're 2.5 volt super bright bulbs, with a brown wire featured. They work for trees, vines, wreathes, and other indoor decorations. They can be used for outdoor use as well. The lights can expend out to 20.6 feet in length. Two red tipped flasher bulbs are also included. They're pretty cheap indoor bulbs to purchase and use for decorations. You can buy 100 Brown Wire Clear Christmas Lights for sale online at hard to find items.

Outdoor Clear Christmas Lights on Sale

Good outdoor clear Christmas lights sure come in handy for outdoor decorations. Decorating outside can really be a lot of work, but it sure feels good after your house is all lit up with beautiful colored and clear lights. Especially at night when the entire block is lit up. Such a beautiful scenery during the holiday season. When you're decorating outside you want clear Christmas lights that are bold and will stand out. At Oaga Lights you can purchase 25 clear bulbs that are bright enough to allow your house to stand out in style. Features include a green wire, C7 light set, add-on connecter, and 25 clear lights that can extend out to 25 feet in length. These are pretty cheap outdoor Christmas lights on sale for $8.99.

If you're looking for clear outdoor Christmas rope lights, the 18 foot Clear Indoor/Outdoor Rope Lights bring some intrigue and eloquence to your home. They're simple and easy to use. There's a one inch of spacing between bulbs. There are end connectors allowing you to connect up to 300 feet of lights. They're super bright incandescent bulbs with 120 volts of power, with a 60 inch white lead cord. They're clear LED indoor or outdoor Christmas rope lights. They're currently going for sale online at Christmas central.