There is a reason that spas and estheticians treat your face with steam at the beginning of a facial- steam is good for you and your skin. Steaming the face opens up the pores, softens the skin and makes cleaning the sebum off the skin much easier. Following up with an exfoliating cleanse and removing blackheads (it is easier to get rid of blackheads when the skin is soft and moist) cleansing the skin is a good routine for keeping your pores clean and open and a healthy looking complexion.

When the face is exposed to steam the body reacts to the temperature change by increasing blood flow and sweating. This process entices the pores to open up and helps dislodge impurities from the skins such as bacteria, dead skin cells and even excess oil. The heat from the steam makes the skin softer and the body reacts to that heat by increasing blood flow, thus bringing nutrients and oxygen into the layers of the skin. When the body delivers proper nutrition and oxygen, the skin is able to naturally restock its collagen levels and elasticity. We all know that strong elasticity in the skin means fewer wrinkles!

Steam usually comes from a clean facial steaming machine, either an at home machine, a large professional steamer, or even the steam coming out of a boiled pot of water. If one either can't or doesn't desire to go to a spa for regular facials, the benefits of steaming can still be achieved at home. The water used to steam the face needs to be without impurities otherwise they can accumulate on the skin and have the opposite effect. Distilled water is the type of water to be used for this reason.

A facial steamer can be used regularly to benefit the functioning of the skin. On average, it takes a person's skin about 10-20 minutes to benefit from a good steam, during which one can wash their face and exfoliate the dead skin cells away. The skin is soften and supple, the product's active ingredients can penetrate more easily into the skin and act more effectively. All this is achieved much more easily during and following a good facial steam.

If facial steaming is this good for the face, just think of what an entire steam room can do for the whole body!