At least once in everyone's life they get acne, some worse than other but it's a problem that is quite prevalent in the world. One common problem for many teens and adults is acne and so with these free 4 simple steps you can clear up acne and keep your skin acne free forever.

Things You Will Need

These steps have relatively little to no cost so the online thing that you're going to need is patience and perseverance.

Step 1

Have a healthy diet. Lots of vegetables, low Glycemic Index carbohydrates and lean protein can go a long way to helping clear up your skin. University research has proven that food is a factor in acne breakouts and so when you eat healthy, your skin will be healthy and clear. Some foods you should look for if you want healthy and acne free skin, are leafy green vegetables.

Step 2

Clean your body out with water. You've heard thousands of times that you should be drinking more water and it's true! Clear skin can be achieved through drinking your 8 glasses a day.

When you drink water, it helps your kidneys filter out the bad chemicals and toxins that plague your system. If you don't have enough water in your body to help with the filtering process, your body ends up sweating out those chemicals through perspiration. Those chemicals, in the end will clog your pores and give you acne and you won't have clear skin.

Step 3

Exercise. Yep! Another part of a healthy lifestyle and clear skin free from acne is exercise. Exercise basically increases the circulation in your body which speeds up the process of which your body filters out those toxins and chemicals. And of course with exercise you'll get a trim waist and you'll have clear skin! Win-win!

Step 4

Your daily body cleaning ritual. In the morning when you wake up you're going to want to wash your face to clear it of any built up oils and dead skin. Afterwords, you will want to use a good moistener that is alcohol free so that you don't dry your skin out. At night, you will want to clean your skin again of any dead skin, dirt, and oils that may have built up during the day.
Clear skin can be truly achieved by these free easy four steps. Besides the benefits of not having acne any more, good hygiene, good eating/drinking habits, and exercise will give you lasting benefits of appearance and health. You'll look better and feel better!

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Tips & Warnings

Your skin will only clear up of Acne if you're willing to put time into the 4 steps. You may not have immediate results, but you will definitely start seeing results within a few weeks.