How Do I Use The Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor?

If you are in the process of trying to conceive, you might want to consider trying the Clearblue Easy fertility monitor. This fertility monitor works much better than home ovulation tests because it gives you a wider window of when you are at your most fertile point. Instead of the typical two day window provided by a home ovulation test, you are actually given six days of possible fertility days, which you can use to increase your chances of conceiving. The Clearblue Easy fertility monitor does this by detecting two hormones: the luteinizing hormone and estrogen. The Clearblue Easy fertility monitor works best on women who have cycles that last between 21 and 42 days. It can be used on women who have both regular and irregular menstrual cycles.

You will need to initially set your fertility monitor when you begin menstruating. Believe it or not, this amazing monitor does just about everything else for you. It will keep track and tell you when you need to test your fertility level, and when you are scheduled to begin menstruating. In order to test your fertility level, you will need to take a test strip and hold it in your urine stream for 3 seconds. Next, you will insert your testing strip in the monitor so that the monitor can read the results. The monitor will take approximately 5 minutes to read your results. You will then get a number between 1 and 15, indicative of your fertility level at that time. A lower number means that you are not very fertile, while a higher number indicates that you are very fertile and it is a great time to attempt conception. As you continue to use the monitor, it will track your days and actually warn you before your next period begins. This is a pretty cool perk to have so that you don't get any surprises from mother nature in the process.

While no product or device can guarantee pregnancy, the Clearblue Easy fertility monitor does an excellent job of analyzing your levels of fertility. It is worth noting that there are a few select medications that may have an impact on the accuracy of your results. You should speak with your doctor before purchasing the Clearblue monitor to ensure that your medication will not interfere with your results. You should also ensure that you are healthy enough to become pregnant, before you attempt doing so.

Some women have used the Clearblue easy fertility monitor after having their baby as a way to tell if they are fertile or not, as a form of birth control. This is not a safe practice. This monitor shows your different levels of fertility throughout your menstrual cycle. A low level of fertility does not mean absolute infertility. Even more importantly, sperm can survive in your body for several days, so using this monitor as day to day birth control is not an effective method. While there are no guarantees with regard to getting pregnant or preventing pregnancy (other than abstinence, of course) the Clearblue Easy fertility monitor can and should be used with confidence, because it is an effective way of tracking both your fertility levels and your menstrual cycle.

Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor

A fertility monitor can help increase the odds of conception.