How can simply cleaning up or clearing away clutter have a powerful effect ? Because according to Feng Shui principles, for life to go well-and for you to feel your best-it's very important to have and maintain a good flow of "energy" (this is chi-pronounced chee) circulating throughout your home.

Clutter can block that energy; and as a result, you'll feel tired and life will seem listless.

Where would you start? That depends on what areas of your life you'd like to improve, for different areas of your home are connected to particular aspects of your life.

Let's examine a few:

Want More Money?

Go through and clean out your kitchen cabinets.

In Feng Shui, the kitchen has great significance; it's symbolically associated with wealth and is considered to be the treasure chest of the home.

To Acquire More Friends, de-clutter the den or living room-whichever you go to with company.

Once the clutter's gone, you'll "free up" more time for friends. And people will be more likely to linger in a space or spot where clutter's under control, anyway!

Want to be Healthier?

Clear out the hallways and stairways.

Clutter in these two areas obstructs the flow of chi (energy) throughout your home. And since these are areas you tend to travel through most frequently, having to maneuver around extra clutter can raise your stress levels, not to mention possibly causing an accident (the less stressed people are and feel, the healthier they'll be).

To Make Your Dreams Come True, tidy up your entryway. Energy enters and leaves through this doorway, just like people do. If the area's too cluttered, it'll restrict the opportunity flow coming to you and hinder your progress in the word (and who needs that?).

If there's an attic, de-clutter that also. Too many things stored here can restrict your higher goals.

To Get Closer to Your Husband, keep the bedroom neat and clean; too much clutter will prevent you from focusing on each other. Take out the computers, DVDs, food rack, etc.

Now here's where you'll WANT some clutter:

Leave some extra items in the family room. Fill it up with things you love, like plants, pictures of family and if accordable, even a small aquarium. In Feng Shui, all of these have been found to help anchor energy and create a homey atmosphere.

The entrance hall-hang some things like wind chimes or a mirror in your entrance hall, for these are believed to invite and maintain positive energy into your home.