Clearing clutter out of your life, is not something you do in a weekend. You have to remember you acquired all these "things" over your lifetime, and if you have not moved recently (which is when you may have done some purging) then you are likely to have a lot of stuff.

Whether you have decided to downsize, or you are simply feeling stressed when you get home being surrounded by too much stuff. It makes simple house cleaning tasks hard to do, especially dusting, if you have piles of magazines, books and trinkets everywhere.

So instead of just sighing, and thinking of it as a chore, clearing clutter, can be broken down into baby steps for each day.

Clearing Clutter - Block some time out on your calendar, or just come up with a simple schedule of 15 minutes per day or evening. If you attack a specific area, you can do a lot in 15 minutes.

Start tonight. Create a list of areas you can do in 15 minutes, or if you find the writing it down part even stressful, just sit in your favourite chair, and take a look around you. What really bugs you. Is it the overflowing shelves? Is it the dusty coffee table with plates, magazines and cups from the kids? Is it the entrance way, does it look like a debris field after a bomb went off?

Now don't look from one area to another and start panicking, just focus on one area right now for clearing clutter, if you can. Maybe start with the coffee table. That is usually in your line of sight, if you are relaxing in the TV room. Start by clearing clutter off the table. Take everything off, and give it a good clean. Now make 2 piles on the floor. One will be recycling, and the other will be for keeps.

Clearing Clutter Created By Magazines - If you are mostly dealing with magazines, then take the read ones and put in your recycling pile. Take the NOT read ones, and put them back on the table in a small pile. Unless you have lots of time to scan magazines, this can also be the cause of stress. When you keep getting subscriptions in the mail, and you don't get time to even open them and they start piling on the table, then it is time to stop the subscription. You will just feel stress, like it was another chore to do, that you did not get these read.

Figure out which subscriptions are your favourite, and which ones to stop. Take pen and paper and make a note right now of which you will stop, you can do this online.

Take any dishes to the kitchen, and DON'T start cleaning the kitchen. This is what can happen, you can easily lose your focus, and the next thing you know, you are not really completing anything and not clearing clutter, which was your main purpose. The kitchen will be another day. If you know that you will get distracted, then just make some piles on the floor while you concentrate on the coffee table. Then get rid of everything as soon as you are done.

Take hard cover books, that are not being read off the coffee table, and any dust collecting trinkets. As cute as trinkets are, they collect dust, and give you the feeling of clutter if there are too many.

Clearing Clutter - Get Rid Of Debris Right Away - Now that you have the coffee table cleaned off, pick up your pile of magazines and put them in your recycling bin, or give them to your neighbour to read, but do something with them right away. Don't just pile them up somewhere else. Once they have gone, take the hard cover books that you don't want anymore, and put them in a bag or box and put them in your car. It is best if you can take them right away to a reuse center, but if not put them in your car on the front seat to remind you to drop them off on your way home from work.

Take the cups, dishes and scraps of whatever to the kitchen, and now sit back in your favourite chair and look at the clean coffee table. Don't you feel just a little bit better?

You probably got that done in 15 minutes. If you are feeling energetic you can continue, but it is best not to burn yourself out the first day. But you can plan what will get attacked next for tomorrow night. Let your family know what you are doing, and which area is next, so that they can get anything out of there that is important to them and should be kept in their own rooms. Their rooms are another day!

Clearing Clutter - Attack a Drawer - If you have zero energy the next day, don't stress if you just cant get up the energy to clean the closet or kitchen. Pick a drawer from the kitchen instead. If you have one of those "everything gets thrown in it drawers" then take the drawer out and sit it on your knee with a garbage bag on one side and a place to sit the good stuff, and put it on you knee and do this watching TV. This way you will feel like you still did something, and your clearing clutter project will continue.

Clearing Clutter - 15 Minutes Can Make a Difference - If you spend 15 minutes a day, on the clutter that is in your face first, you will begin to feel more energized and feel good. This will give you the energy to get started on the bigger projects like closets. But start with the easy in your face things first. Make it a game and see how much you can get done in 15 minutes. If you want to save a magazine because of an article, cut the article out. Start a small binder for these articles such as patterns or recipes. But be careful, make sure it is something you really want or it will just add more clutter. Keep in mind many of these magazines are on the web, you can find the article there instead of papers all over the house.

If you start to clear clutter, and you find yourself stopping to read something, DON'T put it aside for later, get the 15 minutes of cleaning done first, then relax with whatever it is you have found. Maybe it is a great book that was hiding under the pile of debris? Get the clearing done first, then reward yourself with a read. Once you have read a book, find a home for it quick. Take it to work, donate it, whatever, get it out of the house, and think twice before anything comes in the house! Also see Organizing Closets - How To Create Space and Organizing Closets - How to Stop Losing Your Shoes and Organizing Closets - How to Survive the Avalanche for more tips and ideas for clearing clutter from your home.