In today’s modern world with fast and aromatic food, lifestyle and diets have changed. The classic nutritional veggies are creamed by burgers, pizzas, hotdogs that definitely looks appealing but does no good to health and our bodies. It’s very common for people to face health issues like constipation, gas problems and bloating. All these problems are due to wrong eating habits that do not permit the intestines to be cleared completely. The people keep trying to lose those extra kilos without realizing that there has been accumulation of toxins through the years for which the intestines need to be cleansed. The reasons may vary from one person to another, but the motive is same that is to cleanse the intestines. These are few ways that conquer the purpose of cleansing the intestines.

Colon Cleansing

When food enters the body, colon which is also known as large intestine, performs its function of absorbing the water and salts from digested food and channels the waste out of the body. But for some reason, it fails in its job. This process is facilitated by colon cleansing. This is one of the easiest, effortless procedures to rinse out the intestines. The only thing one has to follow is to take additional supplement in a form of tablet as directed by the dietician that supports the removal of waste from the body.


This is a more of natural way rather than using a colon cleanser. Consuming more fiber rich food will help to encourage bowel movements. As fiber moves in stomach it picks up waste (almost like a vacuum cleaner) and stimulates removal of waste. It has benefits for people who want clear stomachs, lean bodies and good fitness levels. One should focus on eating wholesome foods rich in fiber like brown bread, barley buckwheat, oatmeal, brown rice and fruits, vegetables rich in fiber.

Gulping water and water rich food

Increase the intake of water. Consuming water will lend a hand in cleansing the intestine in the most natural way. It helps the fiber to move in the intestine and removal of waste from the body. Water cures the problems of constipation and stimulates the bowel moments. Drink at least 8 to 9 glasses of water regularly.


The human body is designed for continuous activity. One should exercise at least 30 minutes daily for five days a week. Regular exercise ensures pressure on the stomach that moves the stool easily through the intestines.

Avoid repressing the need

Regular and daily bowel movements are signs of a healthy body. One should not repress the need to go for the bowel movements. Focus on food that allows easy bowel movements.

Calm state of mind

The digestive fire needs to burn strong and active to get rid of toxins and to digest food. How bright this fire burns depends on the state of mind. So the state of mind should be calm and free from stress. When the senses are calm this fire burns brighter.