Clear my acne by...drinking?

As someone who has experienced has experienced 8 years of all different types of acne, I know what it feels like to yearn to look in the mirror and see face with perfectly clear, or even decent, skin.  I know what it feels like to try the latest hot new acne products you see advertised on television, and of course, none of them work really well.  In this article, I will describe 3 cheap methods you can use to combat your acne, and get RESULTS.  It involves drinking.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Unfortunately, you are not going to clear your acne by drinking beer or vodka.  Nice try. However, you will be able to clear your acne by drinking other, healthier drinks that will not cost you more than a five dollar bill for each.  I recommend that you try them all.  At worst, your short five dollars.  At best, you finally quell your acne, and these drinks also provide major health benefits on top of clearing up your acne as well.


1.  Apple Cider Vinegar ($2-$4 per Litre)

This was, for me, by far the most effective ingredient for clearing my acne.  

-Fill up a 500ml glass full of water.

-Add 2 tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar (aim to get organic ACV, Braggs is a good choice.  You can buy it at your local supermarket)

-Drink twice a day with a straw (ACV can be hazardous to your teeth if you brush your teeth right after).

ACV works great.  It kills bacteria, balances our skins pH level, and absorbs excess oil.  It is also often applied topically, by mixing water and ACV, putting the mix onto a tablespoon, dabbing a cotton swab into the mix, and applying it on to your face.  Make sure to rinse it off 10 mintues later.


2.  Green Tea ($2-$4 for an 80 bag box)

This was another effective method of treating my acne, and will probably drink it for the rest of my life, as its benefits are humungous and documented by scientific studies.

-Simply drink a 500ml-1L of Green Tea a day, and watch your acne clear up. 

It contains a great number of an antitoxins called polyphenols, which neutralize toxins that can cause acne.  I also continue to apply Green Tea bags to my face.  Simply remove them from your cup, run it under cold water, and press it against your acne spots for a couple of seconds.


3.  Lemon Juice ($2-$4 for a litre)

This was a method that got me some decent results a year ago, and is another key ingredient to clearing your acne.  Others with acne will recommend this more so then any other product.

-Fill up a 500ml glass full of warm water.

-Add 3 tbsps of lemon juice to your water.

-Drink twice a day with a straw (Lemon juice will be hazardous to your teeth if you brush your teeth

right after).

Lemon juice works by clearing your acne from the inside out.  It is also just as effective by applying it topically, lightening the red marks on your face.


Add one, two or even all of these ingredients to your diet, and become that much closer to having perfect, clear, and healthy skin.  These methods are cheap, healthy, and most importantly, THEY WORK!