I've read lots of InfoBarrel article tips and forum posts lately. Well, the wonderful writers at InfoBarrel have done it again. The posting of earnings on the forum gave us lots of tips and advice that we all could apply to our work.  "I have no earnings to report!" I thought.  I'll just report what I have and publish my very first earnings report.

I wasn't getting much income on my articles because my tier 1 earnings  weren't  enabled. I began writing at InfoBarrel during the time of the Adsense change option. I thought the change would be automatic if I opted for InfoBarrel. I wasn't aware that I shouldve'  enabled ads in my account settings. I recently changed it at the beginning of the month.



I heard about the Adsense situation here last month. I'm not sure how much it affected me since I had ads turned off on my account since August. I published 2 articles this month for a total of 18 articles. 

total I earned $0.21


2.Other Revenue Sites

Chitika for Seekyt: $0

Last month I submitted my first 2 articles with Seekyt. I wasn't too sure what type of traffic to expect but I got a featured article and for most of the days I got pretty decent traffic. I also received lots of clicks to my Amazon products.  Even though, I didn't sale any products. I feel closer to making it happen.


Bubblews: $7.20

I kept hearing about Bubblews everywhere so I thought I'd give it a try. I've heard lots of good things about the pay and I found out for myself. I posted 13 posts  for the month. I was a little excited when I found that you could submit 10 posts per day.  I've also heard about problems with payout there so as soon as I hit payout I'm going for it. I haven't cashed out at Bubblew yet, so this won't count with my earnings for the month.


Adsense for Webanswers: $3.48

I tried Webanswers for the first time last month. I understand that I should stay active there everyday, but not quite understanding which of my posts that generate income.


Cashcrate $23.74

FusionCash $47.44

Clixsense $15.70

Freelancewriting $16.66

Commission Junction $0.00

ShareaSale $0.00

Mturk $26.46

Amazon Affiliate sales $0.00


3.My Blog

I need lots of work on it!


Total for my blog: $0.00

Total from other sources: $133.69


4. Conclusion

Since this is my first report of earnings, my goal for next month is to increase earnings and productivity. I'm going to set goals for each site and work on sticking with them. I usually set goals out of my range. I'm going to take some tips from some of the other writers that were generous enough to share their earnings on the forum.

My goals for September

  • Submit two articles per week at InfoBarrel.
  • Earn at least 20 points per month at InfoBarrel.
  • Submit at least one article per week at Seekyt.
  • Spend more time with Commission Junction campaigns.
  • Learn more productivity skills and learn to apply them.


I am open to tips and suggestions if you have any to share. If you would like my referral links, just send me a message. Thanks for reading my report.