The Clevercat top entry litter box, is a great invention for anyone with a cat that loves to scatter the litter all over the floor and in the process also ejects the “business”!

The idea behind this is very simple, but it can save a lot of wear and tear on your house.  It simply is a large covered box with a hole in the top where the kitty jumps in and then has the room and height to do their business and then scratch and cover to their hearts content without it spraying everywhere, then they simply jump out.

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Clevercat Top Entry Litterbox

When it comes time to clean, you simply remove the lid and pick out the offenders!.  Most cats love the privacy of covered litter boxes, but you do need to introduce them gradually if you have an older cat.

If your cat has been using the same open tray for years, and you are getting tired of the mine field around it, then purchase this type of kitty box, and fill with the same litter you are using now, and then place it beside the present one.

Being a cat, they will become curious, and yes for a week or so, you may end up with two boxes going, but once you see them using the new top open style more often, then simply remove the older tray.

If you have younger cats, they will take to this right away, but older ones may need to be enticed by it first.  But they are curious creatures and even the oldes kitty will want to check it out.

This type of litter box, will take larger cats too, and it won’t tip the same way some of the front opening ones and  covered ones can when the kitty steps on the edge.

Using this style of box means you can place this anywhere without fear of stepping on litter or worse, and dogs have a harder time of digging in the tray (our dogs would wait for the cat to do their business!)

It is a great alternative solution for those really messy cats that dig and scratch and make a huge mess around their toilet area.  They also work well for anyone with a small space and the need to keep odors down and less of a debris mine field around it!  If you can't hide this box away then this style would work perfect as the business is not seen.

Cats love privacy and love jumping into boxes, so they will be curious enough to try this.  Obviously if you have a very old or disabled kitty, this may not be the right type of tray, but for most healthy cats this is a great way to contain the litter.

You can get a Clevercat top entry litter box, at most larger pet supply stores but you can also get them online at sites such as Amazon.

So, if litter mess is causing you grief, and you are constantly having to pick it up or sweep, then consider this style for your kitty.  All cats are different and some just seem to make a huge mess in the litter box compared to others, so if this sounds like your cat, then this is something that would make your life easier!

If your kitty can't quite jump high enough to use this style of box, then another option that is still covered and keeps everything neat is the Booda Dome, this has an entry way and private area for them to do business.

Top Entry Litter Box

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if your kitty can jump on top of this box then they can use it. It is a great way to keep the area around it neat and free of litter.