Valentine's day comes around every year like clock work and millions of men scramble to try and buy their significant other something that will show them they care. We all know the holiday was invented to support commercialism but regardless we still get involved and still celebrate this supposedly romantic day.

Since most people are lazy, they wind up picking up last minute gifts. Unfortunately for those of us receiving those last minute gifts, it usually results in something extremely cliche and not very well thought out. If you are looking for something to get a loved one this year, read over these basics of gifts you should probably avoid due to the fact they are extremely cliche.

Valentines Day ChocolatesChocolates:
Honestly, chocolates take no thought what so ever. Chocolates may be fine to use to compliment another gift, but come on people chocolates are way too cliche to give as a stand alone Valentine's day gift.

Combine flowers with a box of chocolates and you are putting the nail in the coffin that you spent absolutely no time coming up with something romantic. Don't be flowers and chocolates guy unless you have dreams of being the king of cliche.

Now, I hate to say this because I love lingerie as much as the next guy, but lingerie again should not be your main gift. There is no harm in tossing in a nice negligee in with her present, but you could still do much better. Either way, getting lingerie is a bit risky, because if you don't do your sizing homework correctly, you could land yourself in the dog house.

Of all the cliche gifts to get, jewelry is probably the most acceptable. Why? Because women love jewelry probably more than they love you. So while you will probably spend most of Valentine's day in the bedroom after giving her a giant diamond, in the end you are really just supporting the 'Valentine's Day Industry'. If you want to get her some jewelry get her something simple and make her do a treasure hunt to find it. You can leave her little presents along the trail which will show you took the time to do something fun for her.

So if all these gifts are so cliche, what should you do?

Honestly, what matters is that you put some thought into what you get you woman. It doesn't have to cost you a lot of money, as she will probably get more excited about the fact you went beyond just going out and picking her up a dozen roses and a box of chocolates. If I post ideas here, who knows, maybe this article will become extremely popular and my famous Valentine's day tricks will themselves become cliche. Use your imagination, if you have to get her something cliche that is fine, just make sure that you write her a nice note reminding her of times you spent together.

If you have some money to spend, get away to a local getaway and spend a weekend together. You will both have fun and you will build memories that will last a life time; something much more valuable than a few material processions and some flowers that will die in less than a week.