Start ScreenClick-N-Read is a web based game that teaches children phonics based skills in an interactive cartoon setting. Children are prompted by cartoon characters to learn letter sounds and words. The game is interactive and challenges the child on their skill level. The Click-N-Read learning environment takes a child through 100 lessons that are paced to the individual child. Each lesson graduates in difficulty and tests the child on what was learned previously.

Game BeginsThe Click-N-Read game is made by Click-N-Kids INC. This company specializes in learning games made for children, encouraging them to excel in reading and spelling. The Click-N-Kids company also sells hardware products designed for children. Headsets, keyboards and an optical mouse in your choice of color and style complete this line of products. This hardware is designed with small hands in mind.

SoundsAs a parent who has children using the Click-N-Kids product line I can't be happier. The controls are user friendly. My children can easily navigate the website and run the reading lessons. Each lesson provides a series of steps to keep the kids entertained and learning. A progress report is saved in the parental controls area and will show you any problem areas in reading your child may have. You can then reset the lesson number so that your child can practice the task indicated.

Improve SpeedThere is a membership fee for Click-N-Kids products. The membership fee is for lifetime use and can be sold and transferred once your child no longer needs the reading instruction. The fee ($39.99) is minimal compared to the usefulness of the product. The Click-N-Read game can be used for every child in your home. Children that start using the Click-N-Read product early can easily learn to read at a higher grade level. This product is phonics based,and children learn to decipher other words based on the instruction they receive from Click-N-Read. Because Click-N-Read is interactive this product is great for children who suffer from learning disabilities or short attention spans.

Reading RoomThe Click-N-Kids product line comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. This company is trying to set an industry standard for learning. If for any reason you are not happy with the product you can contact the company for a full refund. Click-N-Kids Inc. is well aware of other learning based products on the market designed to help children learn to read. Sadly, many products for sale simply don't do the job they claim. I personally spent over $300.00 trying to find resources that would keep my children learning and interested.

Test ChamberClick-N-Kids lets you try their product before you buy it. This is one of the major reasons I looked into the company. I let each one of my children come and sample the game. You are shown two lessons from each game that is sold on the website. One lesson is an example of the early learning your child will receive, the next lesson is an advanced lesson. By testing the product you can see immediately how your child would benefit.

typingAfter three weeks of my children using Click-N-Read I noticed a vast improvement. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that not only were my children learning to read, they were learning to type! The in-game user controls are designed to look exactly like a real keyboard. Everything the kids learned in the game they could emulate to me from another computer in my home. Two of my children are typing better than many adults I know.

ReportClick-N-Kids passes savings on to your friends and family. The 'tell a friend' option allows Click-N-Kids to send a message to any email you insert. When a school, or parent buys a membership through this option they receive a 30% discount. This is Click-N-Kids' way of saying thanks to you as a member. I encourage everyone who has children to try this product. If you would like the 30% discount leave your email in the comment box below. Because of the need for anonymity on the web I encourage you to use a 1 time email address for this purpose. ( You can make up an email strictly to receive the savings, I did.)

As a disclaimer I do not work for Click-N-Kids Inc. I am only a happy parent who has gained some free time in the afternoons while my kids learn with this great product.