When entering the world of Click-N-Read (CNR) you might wish you were a young child again… This is really a great way to learn to read and thinking back of the times we had the letters and short sentences drilled in our heads, there is no way to sigh and say: "Oh…those good old days…".

Of course learning in the 21st century is much more playful than it was fifty years ago. But there is playful and playful and CNR really beats other similar programs available. Why? Because it is designed by one of the leading American authorities in research Prof. Dr. J. Ron Nelson and has a Gold Award from TopTenReviews™. That does mean something…

The learning game is made for children from 4 years till they are in 3rd grade. But kids with reading problems can also use it, or adult foreigners learning a second language. It can be done alone at home, or at school with the whole group. Or serve in a special group at school for children with reading problems. The possibilities are infinite. It's fun, it's easy to do and there is hardly any supervision necessary.

Chambers and Rooms

What does CNR Phonics contain? The Letter Sound Chamber, where the kids learn the letters of the alphabet, enthusiastically guided by the animated teacher ClickN Kid in a space-like environment. If the kid makes a mistake, he can try again. The praise and cheers are very good for small kids indeed. There are also the Reading Room, the Listening Cube and the Speed Chamber. In the animation the young student travels from one place to another, together with his animated teacher.

As in good didactical practice every new lesson starts with a repetition of what was learned the other day. The program is very interactive, which makes it fun to do and keeps the child focused. Pointing letters or words on the computer screen and getting praise when he is doing right, that is just fun! And at a moment of struggle, the friendly animated character is willing to give a hint as well… Every lesson can be repeated as many times as wanted or needed.

learning to type

Each lesson has four exercises in every room or chamber. There are a hundred lessons, all spelled out so a parent or teacher can browse the whole course before deciding to buy it. To get a real taste of the lessons you can follow a few for free, to see how things are going and if you like the way they are going. The costs are $59.95 for the whole program from kindergarten till 3rd grade; an extra child is $19.95. CNR comes with a 60 days money back guarantee.

Keeping track

For teachers at school there is a management tool to keep track of the children's progress. It shows which child needs extra attention on what item. Of course this track record can also be used at home. The program doesn't need to be downloaded; one can enter it with a login and password. All the clicks the kid ever makes are stored on the website, thus always traceable.

CNR is one of the products of the website clicknkids.com, which also has ClickNSpell, children's books full of reading material, games and puzzles, children's headphones, keyboards and mouse sets. All are especially designed for the small hands and with anti-RSI in mind.

You might claim that a child at kindergarten is not computer-ready yet. That could very well be true, depending on the child's further development and agility. In this no kid is the same and it is up to the parents and/or a teacher or counselor whether or not the program is fit for a child. As far as fear for "learning seriously at such a young age" goes there is nothing to worry. Playing on the computer, watching the animated figures mill around in the space-like world walking against closed doors and flying through windows and at the same time learning to read – how "serious" is that?