Enter LessonClick-N-Spell is another interactive learning game from Click-N-Kids Inc. I bought this product at the same time that I bought the Click-N-Read membership although it isn't necessary. I was presently surprised that this game was completely different than the reading version. I think Click-N-Kids did a great job on the design of the game, paying close attention to fresh content. I have six children and three of them are using both products from Click-N-Kids. This is the only set of programs I have every used that the kids did not find boring, or too childish.

Game ScreenThe Click-N-Spell program uses the same great interface from the reading based game to teach children to spell. Children who have used the Click-N-Read version of the software will be able to jump right in and get to spelling. If your child doesn't use a Click-N-Read product that is OK. The first two lessons concentrate on getting a child familiar with the controls, while they learn to spell.

Practice PodWhen a child enters the Click-N-Spell game they are prompted to begin the lesson. A short cartoon engages the child and lets them know to expect a fun time. The on-screen antics of the cartoon characters often brings a few giggles. The first stop on the spelling journey is the Practice Pod.

In the Practice Pod children are given a series of words in a sentence. The game first teaches the child to spell the word by sight, and then removes the the word from the screen and they must spell the word again. Once they have spelled all the words in the lesson they move to the Spelling Station.

Spelling StationAt the Spelling Station a child is given the series of words again in a sentence. This time the words are out of order so you can get an accurate idea of how well the child is performing. The child isn't given any on-screen help in this area.

The Testing Terrace is an area of the game that tests the child on words they have learned in the current lesson with a few words added from the previous lesson. As in the previous phase of the game children must spell the words using the computer keyboard. Children learn to type while they are playing the Click-N-Kids' games.

Testing TerraceAfter a child has completed the lesson a progress report is made and saved. This progress report shows a parent how well the child retained the information from previous lessons; as well as what they learned on the current spelling challenge. You can then choose to let your child proceed to the next lesson or repeat the current lesson.

The Click-N-Kids' product line includes 200 activity packed lessons for children to choose from. No lesson is the same and each lesson progresses in difficulty from the last. Children will benefit from both the Click-N-Read and the Click-N-Spell games. The games are completely different and cover their own set of words. The games include sentencing to teach valuable life lessons, as well as plenty of encouraging phrases. The game displays positive reinforcement in a setting that supports learning. Even if the child misspells a word they are given another try.

GameThe Click-N-Kids' product line allows you to try the games before you buy them. The company also has a 60 day money back guarantee. If for any reason you have a problem, or do not see an improvement in your child's skills, you will receive a full refund.

Lesson ReportClick-N-Kids passes savings on to your friends and family. The 'tella friend' option allows Click-N-Kids to send a message to any email you insert. When a school, or parent buys a membership through this option they receive a 30% discount. This is Click-N-Kids' way of saying thanks to you as a member. I encourage everyone who has children to try this product. If you would like the 30% discount leave your email in the comment box below. Because of the need for anonymity on the web I encourage you to use a 1 time email address for this purpose. ( You can make up an email strictly to receive the savings, I did)

As a disclaimer I do not work for Click-N-Kids Inc. I am only a happy parent who has gained some free time in the afternoons while my kids learn with this great product.