I am all for automating any of the annoying tasks that come along with having a business online and seeing that I am an active Clickbank affiliate, that means that I take advantage of any Clickbank affiliate tool that proves handy and a time saver. This article explains a bit about how to use some of the Clickbank tools that make affiliate life easier.

Apart from finding products to promote in the CB marketplace, there is another website where you can easily do your research. The website is cbtrends.com and what you can find there are a lot of specific stats on how a product is performing. What you need is the product ID which you can find through the CB marketplace and with that ID you go cbtrends.

The graphics are a really good way to make an informed decision on how the product is going to perform and it will give you all different insights, especially the percentage of people having asked for a refund is an important thing to know. If many people are asking for their money back, the product is probably not a good product to promote in the first place.

A website I use a lot for inspiration and to locate recently released products is cb-analytics.com. This website will actually show all the products that were submitted a particular day or month. Finding the newer products to promote is a lot easier this way. There is both an upside and a downside to promoting new products.

The downside is that the product probably does not have a lot of stats to show so it is hard to tell whether it will be really successful in the future. It can also very well be that there are already many similar products being promoted that have already a supported base of affiliate marketers who are all going to be in direct competition with you.

The last disadvantage can be turned to your advantage though if you are planning on building a review type of website in order to promote products so you can add the newest products on there as well, along side the products that already excisted.

However, there are a few advantages to promoting newer products. First of all, there probably are not a lot of people already promoting it, meaning that competition might be a little lower for that specific product. Another good thing is that newer products can be more up to date with current trends so you can take advantage of recent trends that people are looking for and build on that initital success.

Tools to Easily Add Clickbank Products to Your Articles
If you are running a wordpress blog, there are several free wordpress plugins that will allow you to easily add any CB products to your blog. Just go to add a new plugin to your blog and search for the CB plugin and upload it. Once it is uploaded, the only thing you need to do is to set the plugin, add the keywords to bring up products that will be related to your blog´s niche and you are set to go.

Apart from that Clickbank offers a HopAd Builder. These ads look very similar to adsense ads and can be placed anywhere you are allowed to place them. This could be on your blogs, squidoo lenses or any article directory site that allows you to place html code into your texts. You can create these HopAd by logging into your account and then going to your Account Settings where you will find the button to create the Ads. You will be asked to put in a keyword that will make sure the correct products will start showing up and then make sure the colors and size are set to blend in nicely with your content.

There is one more Clickbank tool I wanted to share with you and it is a really neat one if you suffer from the contagious "continuously-checking-stats-virus", like many online marketers have suffered from at one point or another. It is a Firefox addon and it will show your daily sales result. The cool thing is that it is updated as soon as a sale was made through your affiliate link. It is called the CB Notify FireFox extension. Adding it to your FF browser is easy, you just download the addon and activate it.

Once you have done that, you will have to put in your Clickbank account details in the addon settings and you are off. Now you will see a little CB logo at the right bottom of your web browser showing the total amount you have made that day on Clickbank.

CB Notifier Plugin

I remember when I first started promoting things on CB I would go into my account every hour to see if there was already something exciting news for me, and I have wasted a lot of time doing just that. Thus this addon was a real time saver.

The only downside for me really is that it runs on US time and my sales mostly come from the US, a different time zone so when I turn off the computer the potential buyers are mostly just waking up, but anyways, it is fun to see a sale popping up every so often.

As you might understand now, Clickbank does offer some really good opportunities for affiliate marketers and I for one would certainly recommend you checking out the marketplace to see if there is any product related to your niches that could be interesting to promote.

If you don´t have any websites yourself, it could be an interesting option to start promoting some high quality CB products on Squidoo by building lenses that offer some good quality and if you feel like it, you are allowed to put an affiliate link in your Infobarrel articles every fourth article you submit, as long as you put the link as an intext link without making it a so-called "call for action" link.