In this short article, I will show you how you can make $300 per week promoting Clickbank products.

Here are the steps:

  1. Look for a profitable market to promote to.  How will you do this? I suggest you head on over to popular article sites like Infobarrel or Ezinearticles and look at the topics that people are writing most about. If people are putting efforts to write and submit articles on certain topics, it means that such topics are making them money. When a particular niche catches your eyes, take some time and read a few articles on that topic to get an idea what that niche is all about.
  2.  Google for a good keyword tool online and use it to get some good keywords in that niche. I suggest wordtracker keyword tool. It has a free version. For example, you can enter “Learn French” in the box and the tool will give you other terms that people are using to search for similar information. Keep note of those keywords that get more than 40 searches per day.
  3. Write helpful articles using the keywords you selected in step 2. You may decide to use just one keyword or upto a maximum of 4 keywords.  Remember not to use keywords that are too competitive. It will be hard to rank well on Google for such keywords.
  4. Build a website. This is where you will write a review of the product that you’re promoting. If you don’t have the money for a website, you can create a free webpage at Squidoo. It will take you 10 minutes maximum to create a webpage at Squidoo. Remember to include your keyword in the website URL . This will help you in ranking well on Google for that particular keyword.
  5. This is the final step. Write helpful articles on a daily basis and submit them to popular article directories. When submitting the articles, you will use the Author’s Bio at the bottom of the article to invite the readers to your website where they will read the product review and some of them will end up buying the product, thus making you money.  Keep on repeating this step until you achieve your desired level of income.


You can later move on to another niche once your website ranks on page one of Google for your keyword.