Jaw clicking can be incredible annoying, the sound of clicking and popping when you're eating or yawning is enough to drive some people up the wall. Unfortunately it can also become quite painful. Some people recommend trying TMJ mouth guards which are meant to reduce pain by aligning your bite properly. But these mouth guards have a lot of flaws that I'll discuss now?

Before I begin though, you may be wondering what TMJ is. TMJ syndrome is a jaw condition that affects a huge amount of the population. It is basically a misalignment in the jaw that creates pain, teeth grinding and other symptoms and so TMJ mouth guards were developed. If you have a clicking jaw that is consistently clicking and painful, then you may have TMJ syndrome. If that's the case then this article should help you out a lot.

TMJ mouth guards are bad for a few reasons. Firstly, they are hit and miss. Some people who have very tight jaws end up grinding their teeth and sometimes they do it so hard (unconsciously) that they grind right through the mouth guard.

Secondly, the mouth guards are supposed to stop jaw clicking and TMJ by align your jaw. Sometimes however, the guards can do the exact opposite. They can further disrupt your jaw and make your symptoms worse. That's why if you do decide to get a mouth guard for your jaw, make sure it is recommended or made by your dentist. This will usually end up costing more, whichis another down side.

Thirdly, the mouth guards can be very uncomfortable to wear. Some people are instructed to wear them day and night. Have you ever tried to sleep wearing a mouth guard? It's not hard to imagine how annoying it can be. Wearing them through the day can be just as annoying and embarassing if you see a lot of people.

These are the reasons I don't really like TMJ mouth guards if you want to fix your clicking jaw. The better alternative is to start using TMJ exercises. These are exercises designed by physiotherapists to strengthen and relax certain muscles and start turning your jaw into a smooth running machine again. They take some time to work, but they are easy to do and are very effective at eliminating jaw clicking and popping if you remain consistent.