When you are trying to make up a poster or flyer for your local archery meeting or archery website, what can you use to add pictures and to really make the poster or site pop?  Clip Art!  Archery clip art graphics can be found online at one of the many clip art sites that collect public domain clip art.  Archery images can then be collected and used however you need them.   

Clip art is a term that originated from the pre-computer days.  Pictures were cut out and could be clipped and pasted onto the plates to make up the layout.  From the plate, a master plate was made, and then that was run through the printing press to finish the project. 

Clip art now applies to pre-made graphic images on the computer that can be used in a cut and paste fashion.  These are images that can be made offline and scanned it or computer generated.   These can be used for any job needed, such as posters, flyers, and websites.

Public domain refers to intellectual works that the rights to have expired, or have been freely given up.  Because the rights are no longer assigned to a single person, they are said to be in the public domain, and so anyone can use them.

Just because something is used on the internet, does not mean that it is in the public domain.  If it is on a website, it should be assumed that you are NOT able to use it.  Text, pictures and clip art graphics should never be copied and used from a website without the permission of the owner of the site.  However, there are sites that collect pictures and royalty free clip art graphics that are in the public domain. 

 Just search your favorite search engine for clip art and you will find lots of sites that have public domain royalty free clip art.  You can also start at http://freeclipartnow.com/, http://hasslefreeclipart.com/, or http://www.pdclipart.org/.

Here are some examples of royalty free clip art archery images that can be found by searching the free sites.  Be sure to use different search words, such as archery, archer, target, bow, arrow, and any others you can add to the list.

Archer 2Arrow Shooting

Archery Target 2 Clip Art - Archery Clip Art - Archery(68528) Bow And Arrow Clip Art Camping and Archery Archery Sign Archer

The way to use these and any other images you find on the internet is:

  • Right click on the image
  • Click on "Save image as"
  • Select where you want to save the image on your hard drive and rename it if you want.
  • Save
  • In the program where you are designing your work, paste in the new image, selecting it off of your hard drive.

With the resources available from searching the internet, you can find endless possibilities for clip art archery projects that you produce will look better than ever.