Clip on belly button rings are a great way to show off your belly this summer or on your beach winter vacation.

If you like the look of beautiful body jewelry, but don’t like the idea of getting a piercing, then you should consider the line of “fake” piercings, otherwise known as “clip on” jewelery.

The thought of fake or clip on anything tends to send people running the other direction as it has had a tendency to look fake and not that appealing, but things have changed.  Many people love the look of decorated ears, noses, eyebrows and belly buttons, but don’t like the idea or health risks involved with getting a permanent piercing.

 Many jewelry suppliers have listened to these complaints and have come up with great lines of clip on jewelry that does not look fake.  It used to be there would be a couple of pairs of clip on jewelery somewhere in the store, but not a huge line, but things have changed.

Clip on naval rings are just one example.  If you have been toying with the idea of getting a piercing, but maybe you have sensitive skin, or get infections easily, or the first sign of a needle and you are on the floor, then consider the fake line.

 This line of jewelry comes in many styles, including the dangling ones that sparkle and enhance you and that look stunning.  You can get simple clip on styles (easy to wear) and you can also get magnetic styles.  Either way there is a large line of clip on jewelry coming on the market now.

You can get belly jewelry that are real stones and quality made, but just not designed for piercings.  Therefore fake doesn’t mean cheap, it simply means it was designed to “look” like it is a piercing, but in fact it is not. 

The clips for this line of jewelry are comfortable, no digging in, and tugging, and they stay where you put them, as that has always been an issue before, especially with the midriff region.

So, if this year you are going to be sporting a “brand new you” with that new bikini or rock hard abs, and want to draw some attention to your bare stomach, and love the idea of jewelry, but not the pain associated with it, then consider the fake lines.  They are super realistic!

Investing in clip on one, is also a great way to help you decide if you want to go the permanent piercing route.  Many of these pieces are 10 dollars and under.  You may find that you do not like wearing body jewelry, in which case you have saved yourself a lot of aggravation and pain.

But if you do like to wear body jewelry, get good quality, and find something that accents your skin and body.  All ages are wearing these now, you can get everything from a delicate simple ring to dangling rings that have crystals, and many other stones in them for a decorative look.

You can purchase clip on belly button rings at most jewelry stores that specialize in body jewelry or you can also check out online sites such as Amazon, for affordable and yet stylish quality clip on belly button rings and show off that midriff of yours this summer in style without the pain and the cost.  You can get a few styles and switch it up, they are easy to put on and take off compared to real piercings.

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