A ClixSense Review

On the internet there are many ways in which you can earn an extra dollar.  Some are legitimate ways of earning extra money, and some are not.  ClixSense is one of those internet sites that gives people a way to earn a few extra dollars by viewing advertisements via their website.  In theory, this sounds extremely enticing—sit at your computer screen, passively view some advertisements, make some money.  ClixSense even has a referral program that reaches eight levels deeps if you sign up for their “premium” account. 

But, is ClixSense worth it?  Can you build up an additional revenue stream by just watching internet advertisements and recruiting friends? 

So is ClixSense just another scam?

When users visit the ClixSense website, they are greeted with a very simple, streamlined interface.  It does not seem scammy and does not have any spam-like ads.  In short, the website looks very legitimate.  The home page very unobtrusively sells itself by saying potential members should “join our dedicated community for free and start getting paid just for browsing websites, play games, and more.”   It then bullet points out a few details of the program, which sound at least somewhat enticing. 

The thing that jumps out the most in that promotional header is that ClixSense is free.  Members can join without paying a single dime, which usually gives some legitimacy to these types of websites.  Although you can join the site without parting from any money, you must sign up for the premium membership to “maximize” your potential.  The cost is only $15 for an entire year for premium status—it’s a small cost if you can make some extra money. 

All of the advertisements that you view on ClixSense are usually purchased by companies that want you to sign up for their program or purchase something from their website.  Most of the ads that pay money on ClixSense seem pretty scammy, but certainly some are legitimate.  The majority of the ads (at least for the free members) are for affiliate programs and other types of get-rich-quick schemes.  Most of the advertisements have very little sophistication to them, and after a few views, most of the ads wind up looking the same. 

How much can you actually get paid with ClixSense? 

Free members will receive about one cent per ad view and premium members will be paid slightly more (stressing the slightly).  Both free and premium members will be credited with each ad that is viewed for at least thirty seconds.  This means that you cannot open another browser window or tab while watching the ad.  You can, however, open up a different browser and do other things on your computer without resetting your time. 

Free members will only receive one guaranteed ad per day while premium members will receive at least four.  So, if you are a premium member and get only the minimum amount of advertisements per day that means you will make a whopping four cents per day (although it will only cost you a few minutes of your time).

However, viewing advertisements does not make the real money on ClixSense.  You can certainly make a few extra cents, but you will not cash out very quickly unless you have some referrals under you.  As stated above, premium members will be compensated up to eight tiers deep, but free members are only compensated for their direct referrals.  Each time one of your referrals views an advertisement, your account will be credited with part of their earnings.  In addition to the ad referrals, any people you get to sign up for a premium membership will credit your account with two more dollars.  This might not seem like much money, but if you are able to create a large network, you could get some more substantial amounts of money accumulated. 

Compared to other “pay-per-click” websites, ClixSense actually has a very low cash-out threshold of $10.  They will take a $1.50 surcharge off of that amount, leaving you with a minimum check of $8.50.  Unless you find a few people to sign up for the premium account, this threshold will probably take months to meet. 

ClixSense also offers members a game that they call “ClixGrid.”  Essentially, this is just a grid that users click on to view more ads.  If a member selects the right grid space (and thus win), their account will be credited with varying amounts of money.  Generally, you will “win” about ten cents, but your account could be credited up to a few dollars. The ClixGrid seems more like a game than main area of the site, but really, this is just another way to get members to view ads.  Premium members get twice as many chances to win in the ClixGrid game than free members.  In all honesty, this seems like a complete waste of time since members rarely ever win while playing the ClixGrid. 

Is ClixSense worth it? 

How much is your time worth to you?  If you want to try to earn some extra money by doing something completely mindless, then this would be a great option for you.  You can also look into other pay-per-click advertising websites like Hits4Pay, which offers similar payouts and incentives. 

In my humble opinion, your time would be better spent doing something more productive.   If you are not already writing for InfoBarrel, that is a great place to start an extra online revenue stream—the long term benefits are greater than a site like ClixSense, and it is also much more engaging for your brain. 

Although I have not reached any payment thresholds with ClixSense, I do not believe it to be a scam.  Once you reach payout levels, I have every indication that you will be paid.  Really, the biggest price that you will pay with ClixSense site is your time.  Is there a better way to spend 30 seconds than staring at an advertisement?  Probably.  But, that is for you to decide.  You have nothing to lose, but remember, you only have cents to gain.