I, in my quest to make some extra dough for treats online, of course stumbled across the wearisome, slightly maddening world of Paid-To-Click sites - sites wherein you get paid a fraction of a cent to click and view ads or complete other microtasks.  PTC sites are generally slow to make a profit from, although some have loyalty benefits and the longer you stay the more money you will begin to earn in shorter amounts of time.

ClixSense is one of the better paying PTC sites out there.  Average payouts for ads are .001-.005 cents and even 1 cent for a few ads a day; these ads take, respectively, 3, 15, and 30 seconds to view.  Something I like about ClixSense is that you can click to another tab and your ad will pause until you click back, instead of making you start all over again.  Additionally, ads are constantly being added as well as expiring, so you also more opportunities to make cash, unlike PTCs like Twickers where there is a fixed number of ads per day.

Like most PTC sites, ClixSense also has offers and microtasks for you to complete, and these pay much more than the ads.  Common offers involve signing up with valid information or downloading, installing, and using a program.  There are also call-to-confirms, which pay 4 dollars each, and surveys, which on average pay 90 cents.  Some offers are repeatable after a certain amount of time has passed.  I have only used tasks once, however, because there are usually not many to choose from and they pay below 50 cents.

In August or so, ClixSense instituted a daily checklist to remind you to complete a certain number of ads, Clixgrid(unpaid clicks with the opportunity to earn as much as 5 dollars), offers, and to visit the forum.  For completing the checklist you receive a bonus.  This can be a pain since tasks sometimes take a while to be validated, but otherwise it's yet another good opportunity to make a little more cash.

ClixSense, along with its good reimbursement rate, has low cash-out rates for Paypal and Payza(8 dollars for standard members, 6 for premium).  For these two methods of payment, ClixSense pays every Monday and Friday.  Checks to residents of North America must meet the minimum of 10 dollars; for anyone else, the cashout is 100 dollars.  ClixSense also takes a small fee from every payout except those to Liberty Reserve.

Sticking to mostly ads, I have, in eleven days, earned one dollar.  It would probably be more if I completed offers, but I'm a bit too lazy.  For those a little more industrious than me, I'm sure you could earn that in half the time I took.  Give ClixSense a try!