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Nope, I am not a dermatologist, a skin specialist, or anyone who is an expert on clogged pores or little white bumps under the skin.  What I am is a woman who has used some of the most expensive creams to prevent dryness and aging from 20 years of age to now. I did not have to worry about blackheads or clogged pores.  Just wrinkles were my concern.  Oh, wouldn’t you just love for me to tell you how old I am and how I look now that I have these little white bumps which look like clogged pores under my skin? 

Well, neither of the latter will I spill, simply because I have learned not to tell everything I know like I used to do when I was 30.  Thank goodness we have changes in many aspects of life which turn out to be good for us.  It is just too bad that I did not know that I should be very careful when using face creams and such to prevent these little white bumps under the skin that resemble clogged pores.

I am told they are not clogged pores; that they are milia, or protein under the skin.  They do not have a pore to escape through, and therefore must have a Dermatologist to extract them.  The only problem with this is that my Dermatologist told me there was not a thing he could do. He also said that it was due to using moisturizer most of my adult life.

What caused my little white bumps

Those that look like clogged pores

This is the after effects of not reading labels and articles about the dangers of using creams, lotions, cleansers, and serum that do not cause clogged pores, and little white bumps under the skin.

A list of creams, serum and cleansers I have used

  • Clarins
  • L’Oreal Creams
  • Neutrogena Cream and Serum for wrinkles and lines
  • Eb5 Cream
  • Olay Cream and the new Olay Regenerist Micro-sculpting serum
  • Dr. Lewinn by Kinerase *Lift and Resculpt Serum
  • Garnier Creams and serum
  • Ponds Cleansing Cream
  • St Ives Cleansing Cream and even
  • StriVectin-SD

 If you remember the latter mentioned is the stretch mark cream which they said was great for wrinkles and lines. You could not buy it everywhere and I went to the GNC store to get it.  They advertised in magazines, and no they never mentioned how you could get clogged pores.  How could I have been so stupid to pay 100 dollars for a tube of this stuff, just to get little white bumps that look like clogged pores? Don’t believe a word they say!  I did and this is probably one of the main reasons, I now have these little bumps which are causing another mid-life crisis. Oops… I am again about to tell you how old I am. 

 There are many more not mentioned here simply because I don’t remember all the brand names I have used.  Did I read the labels on all of them with regard to non-comedogenic effect?  No, never thought about it, and did not have a need to be worried about it actually.  In fact I had clear skin my entire like; even as a teenager. I only broke out once with a few pimples, but later my skin was clear.  I did not read the labels and was not concerned with clogged pores or any other kind of little bumps for the most part of my life.  Now the Dermatologist tells me that there is nothing he can do to heal, cure, and reduce these little white bumps under my skin that seem to look something like clogged pores. 

The appearance of clogged pores/little white bumps

Clogged Pores

Where these little bumps are located

These little guys are around my eye brows, in the middle of my eyebrows, around the outside of my eyes (a few) and in my cheeks. They cannot be mashed out, or picked or dug out.  They do not come to the surface and make blackheads.  They are beneath the skin and rarely ever make a surface bump.  You can barely see them when my skin is not flushed.  The Dermatologist states that luckily they aren’t that noticeable, and he can’t do a thing about them. I have a question mark after that. Well, and the fact is that he has not seen these little obscure white bumps; not clogged pores which are disgusting when I become flushed or should we say; have a hot flash?  They pop out and can be seen like little pimples which are dying to be popped, but you can’t pop them. 

Some of the above creams do have notification on the labels that they do not clog pores, (non-comedogenic) and some do not.

This is merely a warning about what can happen if you have dry skin and use lots of moisture creams and serum to ward off wrinkles.  Which is worse one is might ask themselves after reading this post?  Well, I still do not want to look older than my years, and some people do not think that I do.  But on the same note this article is to warn and help prevent others from using creams and serum which do not specify, that it does not clog pores or cause deposits of proteins under the skin.

There are many methods that people use, but honestly I have not found anything that has worked for me to clear up my pores.  I have used different washes, scrubs and exfoliants.      

Solution to Clogged Pores

There are some home remedies that are across the web, and/or solutions from major products for clogged pores.   Only a few are mentioned here which appear to be helpful and economical.

Some home remedy methods are

Honey - 3 tbsp and cinnamon – 2 tsp mixture to make a mask for the face. Leave on for 20 minutes.  Make sure you use a clean towel to dry face.


Clay mixture – 4 tsp of clay - 2 tsp of plain yogurt – 2 drops of tea tree oil and then 4 tsp of water; mix in a bowl and with clean hands apply the mixture to the face.


Treatment for Clogged Pores that you can buy:

There are many products you can buy to help reduce clogged pores. The main process is to keep your skin clean and non-oily as the deposits of oil and dirt is what clogs the pores to begin with. They should be non-comedogenic, meaning free of oil and creams that may clog the pores.  It is said that benzoyl peroxide dries up pore clogging oils and that it also kills bacteria.  This is found in some medications or facial washes, and/or cleansers.

Exfoliants that are gentle will also help to remove dirt and oil from the skin.  These issues are correctable in most instances if you seek to have a routine and keep at it without harshly scrubbing the skin and cause more irritation.   You do not want to use any materials which will dry out the skin either.  It should be a balanced plan of cleansing, exfoliants and creams or serum which protect your skin from clogged pores.


Some products that are named as helpful for clogged pores:

Bioré facial wash and cleansing Strips

Cetaphil Products

Olay Products for oily skin

Clinique’s Acne Solution

Estee Lauder Pore minimizing skin refinisher

Oil free Neutrogena Deep Clean

Oxy Products

Clean and Clear



Ginevra (green tea) products

St Ives Scrubs and hundreds more


Solutions to the little hard white bumps

I do not know about anything that works to get rid of these little hard white bumps under the skin.  I prefer to be honest as my Dermatologist said he could not do anything.  First I use less face cream. I keep my face clean, use facial scrubs and exfoliants; I also use non-comedogenic creams and serum. I try not to get hot flashes so these little nuisances do not surface on my skin to look like clogged pores, and I am thinking that we should lol at this notion.


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