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slightlier more expensive than conventional cleaning methods

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Are you a busy mom that is worried about germs or are you just limited on time and like to keep things sanitary? If either of these describes you, then you need to check out Clorox Antibacterial wipes. As a mom, these have become an essential tool for me, especially in my kitchen and also in the bathroom and dining room. I hate having a damp wash cloth around getting smelly and moldy and then you still have to wash them. Not only that, but unless you want to get out a bottle of antibacterial spray, water alone doesn't kill the germs. I find that with Clorox wipes, my kitchen is much cleaner because it doesn't take any effort to grab one of these wipes and clean up whatever mess I've made during the day.

I first started using these when my son was diagnosed with cancer and started chemo treatments. It was during cold and flu season and his immune system was very compromised. I was working full-time and I needed to make sure that our house remained a safe, germ-free environment as best as I could, these wipes became part of our daily lives. I could feel secure that these wipes would kill any germs living on the surfaces in our house. I used them on the fridge, door handles, counter tops, table and chairs (my chair frames are metal - you can't use these wipes on wood!). Even after our son got well, we took these everywhere with us. I brought them into restaurants so I could disinfect the tables and menus (they NEVER clean those things!!) because the last thing I needed was a sick kid!

Who hasn't been cleaning the bathroom and wished you could just throw out the rag you used to clean the toilet with because the idea of it just grossed you out? With Clorox wipes, you can! Not only can you throw them away, but they leave the bathroom clean and germ-free. I love not having to mess with a dirty rag that has to be rinsed and wrung out several times during one cleaning! These wipes also come at a great price and I feel that they are well-worth the money for the time and work I save when I use them. Plus, I don't have to lug around a separate bottle of cleaner and deal with that mess in addition to the smell, wet rags! You can also go to the company's website and sign up to receive coupons which will make them an even better deal!

In Closing

Who couldn't use a cleaner house with less effort? If you said, "Not me!" then I'm impressed, but if you're like most of us and you have better things to do with your time then grab some of these and get clean!