Closet In Need of Organization

Does your closet look like this? There are probably as many closet organization ideas as there are people with closets, if not more. Getting a closet organized is one thing, but keeping that closet organized is another. So many people get sick of the mess in their closet that they get into a cleaning frenzy and get the closet all cleaned up and organized, only to let it fall back into disarray over time. This scenario can be very disheartening but happens to so many of us.

Closet organization ideas need to be based on who is going to be using the closet and for what. Generally closet organization is applied to clothes closets which is what this article will focus on. Here are some ideas on helping to get, and keep, that closet organized.

If you don't wear it, donate it. Note it does not say 'doesn't fit'. It says 'if you don't wear it'. We all have clothes that fit us but don't ever seem to wear. These, and of course anything that doesn't fit anymore, should be bagged up and donated to benefit others. And you can use it as tax write off.

Once you have removed the things that are never used, it's time to organize the things you do you in the closet. A nice general purpose closet organization system would be to have floor to ceiling shelves on at least one side, if not both, depending on how wide the closet is. This gives an area to stack things or place shoe boxes, etc.

A portion of the closet should have hanging bars for everything that gets hung in the closet. If the closet is for a man it can most likely have two rows of hanging bars, one above the other, to increase hanging space. A woman's closet will tend to need at least a portion of the closet that is full height for hanging as they'll have longer dresses that require the space.

What the closet organization system is made out of can be some personal choice. The wood closet organizers look much nicer but will probably cost more. The wire mesh organizers don't look quite as nice but are cheaper, and they also don't need dusted as much.

It may work best to organize the closet a little at a time. Get the hanging clothes organized and keep them that way. After you are in the habit of keeping them organized, move to the shoes, and so on. As you conquer one area, move on to the next. Think of it as fighting many small battles, instead of one big battle. You are much more likely to win the small battles over time than to be discouraged by continually trying to fight the big battle only to loose to clutter once again.