Installing a a super expensive utopian closet organizer that washes, dries, and folds laundry is a wonderful fantasy but most of us don't have the money to spend on such a fancy closet organizer. Most people are looking for a few reasonably priced tools to help organize their closets. Let's examine some of the ways you can get your closet organized without breaking the bank.

There are many closet organizer products that do just this. They are made to organize all sorts of things and keep your things from being strewn on the floor. Easy solutions to your closet troubles are only a few bucks away. The Closet Organizers Guide offers these recommendations to managing your mess:

Purchase a few shelves that you can easily hang up. In this way, you won't have to fiddle with screw and nails, or heaven forbid have to saw the shelves to size yourself. Thanks to our capitalist economy that caters to all needs, you can find almost any type of hanging shelf to install in your closet. (Sorry John Louis.) A simple hanging shelf rack is highly recommended and will provide about half a dozen small shelves useful for shoes, sweaters, and neatly folded clothes. Creative minds will realize that products can hold more than their advertised description. So you can also use that sweater or shoe rack to hold tshirts, underwear, socks and even hats. (And don't worry, we're not going to tell on you!)

Simple hanging shelves are very cheap, a unit sold by Whitney Design (model 01822-3) goes for $20 and can be used to organize shoes, sweaters, and shirts.

A 'double up' rack will allow you to hang twice the amount of clothes. This option is only appropriate if your current rack is high and you have room beneath the area where your clothes are hanging. If you are able to make it work, check out the

Double Up Closet Doubler Rod. This attaches to your current closet bar and voila! You've got twice the amount of space to hang clothes. This is an ideal solution for small closets like those in dorms and college apartments. Typically priced below $20 these are perfect for the budget of a college student. Awesome.

Your old clothes that aren't being worn take up valuable space. Instead of trashing them, donate your old shirts, pants, and shoes. Yeah, you probably knew that a guide to organizing your closet would recommend getting rid of the clothes you don't use anymore. Besides, with fewer things to organize, you'll find it easier and better to organize your closet. The math is simple. (Not to mention the added karma points of donating clothes to those in need. Everybody wins.)

Really, this option shouldn't be overlooked. Upon close inspection, most people realize that they haven't worn 50% of the things in their closet in years. If your one of these people, get rid of these things. It may be hard to let go but when you see that extra space you'll be glad you did! It's like having double the Closet Organizer Information space.