Clothes in Closet

One of the benefits of getting into the down and dirty skills of closet organization is that you realize it's not just something applicable to the closet and nowhere else. Actually, quite a few different areas can be targeted using the same skill set, whether it's in setting up some workable garage storage shelving units or coming up with an efficient organization solution for the office supply closet at work.

When I first got into closet organization, the first thing I learned is to always go through everything first and assess what is truly needed and what's not truly needed. Things that are needed can be applied towards your higher level goals. Vice versa, things that are not truly needed are those things that do nothing to further your goals. If your goal is to have an organized closet that's easy to use and find outfits, then getting ridding of items you never use as part of an outfit only makes sense. The same is true in sorting out a supply closet that has boxes and boxes of 3 hole punched paper that is used by one person in the office and no one else. The presence of that paper is not justifying the real estate it's taking up in the closet, and could perhaps be archived and given directly to the office worker that will eventually need it.

Another organization skill that I learned in organizing my closet is the usefulness of grouping like items together. For the closet, this meant sorting out my clothes together in a logical way. For instance, all my sweaters are best served when they are in one part of the closet, side by side. It makes no sense to put some over here and some over there. The same can be said for organizing stuff in the den. You will be well served by placing all the games in one spot, putting the remotes together in a basket or container that won't mean losing them every 2 days, and so on.

Once you fine tune your eye to see things in an organizational way, you'll see how the strategies behind organization are applicable to all aspects of the home and even at work. It's a skill that will serve you well for the rest of your life - who would not want their belongings to be easy to find, organized, and available as needed?