Organizing your Closet Corner with Closetmaid

In the war on finding space closet organizers have become more specialized. Corners are a particular problem Closetmaid attempts to discuss with several new products. These include shelving and wiring used to support and clear clutter.

  1. Selective : Corner closet organizers by Rubbermaid free up the sides of the closet. This shelving exclusively uses the crooks of the closet.
  2. Corner Support Bracket : These allow your hanging space to connect wiring from around bends. The turn allows for greatest space and reinforces the wiring.
  3. Total Slide Wire : If you need more than a turn around a bend this product fits the bill. It creates a seamless shape that follows turns.   



Most installation occurs naturally. Simply follow the directions. Exercise caution when dealing with the brackets and wires. These bend and flex and break when mistreated. Organizing the closet corner with Closetmaid products has a certain amount of leeway. They can still break.


This unique product deserves its own mention. The selective shelving explicitly maximizes space in uncomfortable nooks. This corner closet organizer will save a great deal of space. The unusual shape has one drawback. Large items may wedge into the space provided. Removal makes a difficult choir and in a worst case scenario the entire product requires disassembly. Fortunately this situation rarely occurs.


Maximizing your closet organizing of the corner with these Closetmaid products needs an intelligent approach. Among the best methods involves separating items in complimentary sizes. Make certain that the shapes fit inside whatever space you choose. Shoes are typically difficult with their odd shape and size. They are even worst when dealing with old toys or other objects that hold no discernible shape.

Also consider using other items in storage to offset the strange shapes. Sometimes an old item will allow the new ones to have a successful home.


The entire line of Closetmaid products allows for great home organization. Closet corners are particularly difficult to organize. These products fulfill a need that many have overlooked and will save a great deal of time. As space becomes scarcer we work hard to maximize its usage. Housewares have a proven track record in improving everyday living. The closet organizers for your corner by  Closetmaid will save you space and time.