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 Taking the time to install closet organizers and adding some garage storage cabinets can make you feel as though you have moved into a new home. Living with clutter can make you feel overwhelmed and disorganized. Whenever you live in chaos, there are sure to be times you even fear you are going to end up like one of the hoarders they show on television, with everything you own hopelessly buried under piles of useless papers, old clothing and trash.

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On the other hand, we've all seen the slick magazine articles with the perfectly decorated rooms where everything looks organized and in the proper place. In these fantasy residences, not a single sock is on the floor, nor are there any stacks of random papers casually spread across a table! In our own lives, however, simply finding our car keys when they are lost under all the clutter on our tables and chairs can seem like an impossible task. How can we simplify our lives, get organized and still be realistic?

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Set a Reasonable Goal for Getting Organized

First, before you even start to tackle the clutter and begin to simply dump everything into storage boxes, take a few minutes to think about your true goal. Everyone has different reasons for wanting to get organized. If you don't address those reasons first, you won't get anywhere. Are you trying to make you house simply LOOK less messy and more attractive? Or, are you trying to make room for a new project or person who is joining your household? Are you tired of losing things? Does your clutter make you feel irritable and frustrated? All of these are great motivations for getting rid of the clutter in our lives.

More Storage Bins or Less Stuff?

Second, you need to decide whether your problem with clutter is one of too many belongings, too little storage, or some of each. Tackle each problem separately. A friend of mine once lost everything in a house fire. I remember her telling me how surprised she was that she actually felt that her life was simpler afterwards. The fire had destroyed a lot of unnecessary things that she had been holding onto, and she only replaced the items that were really important! Hopefully, you don't feel like you need a fire in order to get rid of unwanted clutter in your home!

How to Get Rid of Your Excess Belongings

Once you have had a chance to think through your goals, now is the time to begin to make some changes. Start to separate your clutter by marking a set of five garbage bags with the labels Trash, Donate, Recycle, Shred and Sell. Once you have your bags ready, move from room to room filling each of the bags.

In the Trash bag, throw away old receipts and other unnecessary paperwork, as well as broken toys and games with missing pieces. Be ruthless. If you haven't used it or needed it in the past year, get rid of it. If you really do not have specific plans to get the broken items repaired, get rid of them.

In the donation bag, place old clothing, unused toys and games, unnecessary kitchen and decorator items. Don't hold on to those old floral arrangements or wall hangings that you no longer use.

Shred old tax and bank records. (Usually anything over four years old can be shredded, but check with your tax preparer to be certain.)

Recycle all those old newspapers, magazines, glass jars and plastic bottles that are sitting around or taking up space in your cabinets and closets. Get them out of the house!

Anything that you no longer use, but that could have some value to someone else, put up for sale! That painting that you really don't like, your old record albums, the extra set of golf clubs or other sports equipment that is stacked in the garage may be worth a little money! However, if you know you aren't likely to take the necessary time to sell these items, go ahead and donate them. The tax savings may be enough to satisfy you.

Time to Give Adult Children Their Belongings

Don't take responsibility for other peoples' clutter. If you have adult children or other relatives who have left things with you to store, now is the time to box these items up and pass them back to their rightful owners. Your adult child's old toys and college textbooks are his responsibility. Let him deal with them! If they no longer want them, let them be the ones to throw them away.

Buy Storage Cabinets and Storage Bins for What Remains

Now that you've gotten rid of a lot of your excess clutter, the remaining items will need to be neatly stored and organized. See if you can find some utility shelves or garage storage cabinets that will be attractive additions to your home! In addition, you may need a file cabinet with clearly marked headings for tax records, insurance policies, investments, and loan papers. You'll also need a drawer in which to keep all those warranties and extra electronics cords. SUGGESTION: Whenever you acquire a new computer, cell phone, television, or home appliance, place the receipt, extra cords, instructions booklets, etc. into a zip-lock bag. Then you can toss the bag into your storage drawer, knowing that everything you need for those items will be easy to locate!

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Buy Closet Organizers

Stores like the Container Store, Target and Walmart sell a variety of closet organizers that will help you neatly get your closets organized. Do you have piles of shoes on the floor of your closet? Buy shoe racks or shelves that are especially designed for shoe storage. Do you have stacks of sweaters or purses piled on the top shelf of your closet? You can purchase stackable storage bins to keep them organized. Is your Christmas wrapping paper, ribbons and bows scattered in a pile in the corner of a closet? There are storage bins especially designed for wrapping paper. You can even find hanging storage bags for keeping your necklaces and earrings from getting tangled up in your jewelry box.

Now that you've gotten rid of everything that you don't want, set up files for important documents, neatly stored the excess in garage storage cabinets, organized all those cords and instruction books, and redesigned your closets, you may find that your life is not only less cluttered, but also more relaxing. Enjoy your new sense of peace and serenity with some family time!

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