Evolution of the Clothing Line

Origin of the Cloth

Mainly made up of textile and fiber,clothing protects you from UV rays and other dangers to the skin like insect bites,rash - causing plants,chemicals and weather elements like exreme heat and cold.Different forms of clothing have been adopted by different cultures and communities dating hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Clothes to suit different occasions
Clothing depicts cultural practices and values of people all over the world.During the ancient Scotland festivals ,the men wore kilts .These are skirts worn during special ceremonies ,especially among the men. In Islam,women are expected to wear modest,decent clothing to cover a bigger part of their bodies. Some clothes are worn according to occasion ,like sports wear for sporting events,traditional wear for special occasions like the " hanbok" for Korean cultural holidays.The Arctic people wear skins and fur as part of their culture,and also for comfort.Some represent status, like the feathered cloaks , a preserve of chiefs in the Hawaiian society and in Rome,senators wore purple,dyed garments.They therefore reflected one’s social standing in society,religious affiliation ,culture and gender.

The clothing evolution
Clothes were anciently made of skin or leather,fur,bark and later with cloth.Some communities still incorporate these with the modern-day cloth.They were either woven,stitched or twined to fit.Some clothing was however unstitched, but draped over the wearer’s body.Some were either wrapped ,held or tied to hold the uncut cloth in place.With time,clothes have come in different varieties and styles,ranging from skirts,trousers,blouses,shirts,shorts,dresses,suits and coats.They are accessorized with hats,gloves,shoes,sun glasses and scarves to compliment them .Accessories are often matched with the worn clothing in terms of colour,size and fabric.They also come in different styles.

The clothing industry
Historic clothing and garments have served as inspiration for fashion designers and professional costume makers .These are also used to recreate and discover new fashion ideas when designs are fused and recreated to favour new creations.The cloth has evolved globally,with the invention of synthetic fabric,which has seen the clothing industry grow in leaps and bounds ,with fashion gurus competing for a share of the pie.Clothing lines have penetrated the clothes market,with the creation of designer names culminating into a common practice in the fashion industry.Garments are being mass - produced and designed to quench the consumer’s thirst for fast fashion.It is further accentuated by technological innovation,media ,new cultural influences and geographical conditions.To be at par with the changing fashion scene,designers are obliged to be creative enough in order to attract a massive following of fashion-hungry consumers.Biodegradable clothing is encouraged for the purposes of environmental care and preservation.Environmental care is a major concern worldwide ,and clothes should not be an exception when we talk of environmental degradation.As we all know,prevention is better than cure.